Paul Oscar — Iceland’s most popular performer and a Eurovision veteran — is still going strong, eighteen years after his raunchy leather/latex performance in Dublin. The guy had a couch and a polar bear rug on stage. Can one be any more epic?

That aside, he was also one of the first openly gay contestants. Many say that Paul changed the course of Eurovision, and started a revolution for a more open-minded Europe. A year later Dana International arrived and slayed the pack. Would that have been possible without Paul’s sassy and honest appearance a year earlier?

Whatever the answer may be, it’s crystal clear to Icelanders that Paul ain’t on hiatus. His disco influenced technopop has been a favorite in Iceland since the dawn of time. And his latest single, “Líttu upp í ljós”, or “Look Into the Light”, is no exception. It’s currently sitting at the top of the Icelandic charts.

A little disco, a little techno, and with a bit of dubstep, it delivers a clear message: No matter the circumstances, you can never give up. There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel if you look. Iceland may be one of the world’s most liberal countries today, but there has been plenty of prejudice and bigotry along the way. In the 1990s Paul pushed it all aside. This ode celebrates his worth — and yours.


I’ve almost made it out of the darkness

worked myself out of my own personal deadlock

But whenever things go wrong

and I start to beat myself down

I just remind myself

of what my mother used to say


Look into the light

and your shadows will be a step behind.

Look into the light

that takes away the darkness and hatred.

Look into the light

cause even in the darkest cloud, a ray of sun is hiding.

Look into the light

I recommend it, because in the end, the choice is yours.


I got through a lot of disappointments

and got rid of old and worn out things.

But if I stumble inside

this blackhole in my heart

I remind myself

of what my mother

once said


Look into the light…..

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Ranting Ruby
Ranting Ruby
7 years ago

Oh get over yourself Mario – does it have to be overtly gay just to be good? This is MASSIVE and I love it, just as lots of us boring old straights loved “Minn hinstii dans”. It’s just a pity he looks like Magnus Carlsson’s Scandinavian Orange Twin. GREAT SONG!

7 years ago

Well…Although he is 45 now he still looks handsome…He is even more good looking than he was in 1997 that he went to EuroVision.. And yeah he is Gay…That is obvious of course.. Although mature he is f**kable.. 😉 He is the male MILF 😉 ————————————————— @ Well it goes & happens like this actually…First acts like Paul Oscar open the road & the doors(the back ones 😉 ) 4 other acts of the future.. Its like a flow…Fashion – trends are been created occasionally.. But Dana will not like owe necessarily by every mean her victory to Paul Oscar..… Read more »

7 years ago

Páll Óskar is already both an Icelandic and an Eurovision legend. And answering the question, I go for a NO: Dana International wouldn’t have won if Páll hadn’t delivered such strong, game-changing performance in Dublin the year before. Iceland 1997 is the entry that changed Eurovision forever.