After releasing the lyric video for their latest single Din toata inima last month, Voltaj dropped the official video today. Using similar imagery which highlights the beauty of Romania, the band pays tribute to their home country. Fans have already branded it as the new pop anthem for the Eastern European country.

Shot over six days this summer from the Black Sea to the Carpathians, going through the Danube Delta and the unique Turda Saline, the images paint quite a picturesque tourist ad for the country. Throughout the video, a flag is passed from person to person — including Ivan Patzaichin, a former Olympic canoer, and Andrei Rosu, the first Romanian to swim across the English Channel. It eventually reaches the country’s highest mountain peak, from where it dominates the landscape. We can also see images from a major Voltaj gig by the seaside, which gives us an idea about the incredible popularity of the Romanian pop-rock band.

The patriotic song is not a first for Voltaj. Their entry for Eurovision  Song Contest 2015, De la capat, was also heavily influenced for the love of its Romanian people, particularly the children left behind by parents forced to work abroad:

Watch Voltaj talk to wiwibloggs about their song “De la capat” and the message behind it:

Voltaj are currently touring Romania. The nation-wide tour will end in Bucharest on 16 October with a big concert featuring a symphonic orchestra. All the proceeds from that concert will go towards charities like World Vision, Save the Children Romania, Hospice House Foundation, and SOS Children’s Villages Romania.

Follow all of our Romania Eurovision news here.

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8 years ago

Well…Their song *De La Capat*/ *Start All Over Again* has grown on me now & its one of my most favorites <3 Its actually my 4th most favorite among the 40 even.. <3
It doesn't matter anything else other than the fact that both of the songs that i have heard by this band are really beautiful ones <3 And the voice of their lead vocalist singer is wonderful <3
The video clip 4 their new song *With All My Heart* rocks…And it is GreAtY <3

8 years ago

There is only one winner. So, the main goal is to be one of the best and to be present in the final stage of the competition as many times as possible, in order to promote your own image and to build your own message. I think this is the Eurovision spirit and this is what Romania does edition after edition. Voltaj is a brick – a very good one and a very professional one. Good luck Voltaj! Good luck Romania!