Mørland, who represented Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 along with Debrah Scarlett, is back with his first solo single “No Firewall”. More upbeat than “A Monster Like Me”, the song builds steadily before reaching an epic final chorus — all driven by Mørland’s haunting vocals. Modern, catchy and surprisingly moving, this song is all kinds of amazing.

Mørland (Kjetil to friends and family) writes and produces his own music. After Eurovision, he went straight back to the studio to work on his follow-up single.

The song is inspired by a close friend of mine and is about starting from square one after ending a relationship. Suddenly you’re all alone, without the safe environment you are used to. You don’t know we’re the road leads next – It’s exciting and scary at the same time.

The song has been released today on both Spotify and iTunes.


About Mørland

Mørland hails from Grimstad in Norway, but has lived most of his life in England. British pop music influences his sound, and he says he finds inspiration in The Shins, David Bowie, early Elton John, the Talking Heads, and Lennon McCartney. He combines clean melodies with personal and heartfelt lyrics — a hallmark of his Eurovision 2015 song “A Monster Like Me”.

He’s not an unknown entity in the UK. His British band Absent Elk released the album “Caught In The Headlights”, which was produced by Toby Smith (Jamiroquai), and British radio stations rotated their singles “Sun & Water” and “Emily”. They also supported acts including The Script, Keane and Girls Aloud on tour.

Mørland – “No Firewall”

Mørland with Debrah Scarlett at Eurovision 2015

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8 years ago

I thought it was interesting that this song has 2 bridges. It starts of as a ballad, but as it progresses, it becomes more uptempo until all the energy that has been built is finally unleashed in the final chorus. It doesn’t give me shivers like ‘Monsters Like Me’, but there’s a really good build-up going on here. For some reason, the ‘I’m alone again’ refrain immediately reminded me of ‘Addicted To You’ (Finland 2002) as in ‘Holding on until the next time’, but maybe that’s just me…the irony is that both songs tell the two sides of the same… Read more »

Bogdan Honciuc
8 years ago

Dear Mørland, please upload your song to Youtube. I would love to listen to it. Takk!

8 years ago

Well i have already heard this a while ago…He just released this new song of his today…It is nice enough & pleasant to the ears…Although his visionary song *Monster Like Me* was much better of course..
Morland is hottie hunk & was from the hottest guy participants in Vienna’s Vision <3