The Danish city of Horsens lost out on the chance to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 (in a former prison), but today DR has given it something to celebrate. Horsens mayor Peter Sorensen has announced that the city on the Jutland peninsula will host Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2016, Denmark’s national selection for Eurovision, on February 13 and Dansk Melodi Grand Prix Junior, a popular contest for kids, on February 20.

“I am both proud and incredibly pleased that DR has again chosen Horsens as the host city and partner for Melodi Grand Prix and Melodi Grand Prix for children,” he said.

Jan Jagermand Lundme, who oversees the entertainment division of DR, said he was thrilled that Horsens will host DMGP again, for the first time since 2008. That year Simon Matthew won with his song “All Night Long.”

“It’s super cool that we will return to Horsens,” Lagermand Lundme said in a statement. “I can feel both the huge enthusiasm and desire that the city has for this and their ability to use the many values inherent in music to create a strong cultural life. It is so important to us that the citizens of Horsens show enthusiasm and want to sing with us and the whole of Denmark.”

Forum Horsens

DR likes to spread the love. The past three contests have taken place in Aalborg, Odense, and Herning — aka, not Copenhagen.

“Eurovision is for all of us, and we are therefore pleased that we have the opportunity to travel around the country with the big show,” Jagermand Lundme said.

The Forum Horsens can hold around 4,000 fans for concerts. Other stars to perform in the venue include Dolly Parton and Depeche Mode!

Songwriters have until September 7 to submit their songs to DR. Tickets go on sale November 2.

You’ll recall that the Jutland Farmers — a pair of attractive Danish Eurovision fans — won our search for Eurovision’s Next Top Fan 2015. It’s unclear whether they influenced the decision to place the contest on the peninsula.

Will you be at DMGP? Who do you want to see compete this year?

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6 years ago

I would like to Chanee, with a song like “Fallen”

6 years ago

I want one of these artists to represent Denmark in our Vision <3
~~ Jesper
~~ Bryan Rice
~~ Brinck
~~ Simone
~~ Aura Dione
~~ Kate Hall
~~ Andy Roda

6 years ago

Denmark has started playing seriously and stopped…

HORSENS around.

You can all thank me later

6 years ago

Well since the Danes have won in the same stadium arena 15 years ago with Olsen Brothers i expect them to do their best & organizing a GreAtY Dansk Grand Grand Prix next February of 13.. :)) At least in degree i expect to witness the same fierce Grand Prix like the one of 2013 of Herning that Emmelie won {and the rest is history.. 🙂 } Hopefully the danish act that will follow the steps of Emmelie will be worthy :)) I expect to see a better Dansk than the previous of 2014 & 2015.. :)) The Grand Final… Read more »