Edurne has racked up an impressive resumé since Eurovision, dropping a top ten album in Spain, becoming a promo girl for Thomas Bagels Spain, releasing a seriously hot video for her new song “Basta and joining Spain’s Got Talent as a judge.

She has been unstoppable – especially in the face of social media trolls attacking her because of her relationship with Man United goalkeeper David de Gea.

And now she’s taking to the skies as a superhero to put an end to school bullying.

The Spanish TV station “Crimen + Investigación” has released a series of episodes under the title Los Héroes del Patio, in which the broadcaster, in collaboration with NGO Save the Children want to encourage every single witness of a bullying situation to not just stand and watch, but to take part and stop the abuse”.

This series consists of four episodes, each one of which will feature a well-known star in Spain, like TV actress Cecilia Freire, radio & TV presenter Óscar Martínez, Spain’s most subscribed Youtuber El Rubius (Rubén Doblas) and our multifaceted artist, Edurne. The hook of it will be that each one of these four will try and coach a superhero-kid to use their superpower to fight against bullying and defeat it.

With a war cry of ieeeeeeeooooioo, we know our tigress will crush the bullies and help the superhero kids overcome bullying. Go get ’em girl!


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8 years ago

Good on Edurne for actively supporting this anti-bullying campaign and making it a high profile one among minors, but I don’t think it has anything to do with the cyber-harassment she’s recently experienced on her social media account. These are two separate issues.