This year having a wedding in the summer of 2015 was very IN for former Eurovision stars (as was playing Eurovision music at your gay wedding). But Eurovision wedding season isn’t over, even if the hot summer nights are. Case in point are these two ex-Yugoslav Eurovision ladies, who both got married to their boyfriends in the past week.

Severina: Eurovision 2006 for Croatia

Regional superstar Severina tied the knot with her boyfriend Igor Kojic last Friday. He’s 15 years her junior, which is kind of hot.

Although she announced that their wedding would take place on 22 November in Serbia, the couple took everyone by surprise and actually held a private ceremony in the small town of Bale on the Croatian peninsula of Istria last week. As passersby reported to Croatian media, Severina cried throughout the ceremony.

The pair jumped into the pool straight after the wedding, took a pic, and uploaded it to Instagram. As you do.

Judging from her Instagram page, the “Moja Stikla” singer is living a fairytale. She also loves to share family pictures of Aleksandar, her son from a previous relationship, with her newly-wed husband.

The wedding drew the attention of Serbian astrologers. They predict a long but turbulent relationship. Apparently two babies are on the way – the first will be a baby girl born in mid-2016. Allegedly. We gotta wait and see!

ALENKA GOTAR: Eurovision 2007 for Slovenia

Alenka Gotar recently tied the knot with her on-and-off boyfriend Anze Sustar.

alenka-gotar-sloveniaThe pair have apparently found peace after a few tumultuous years. The couple allegedly broke up last autumn when Alenka asked her fiance — who is 17 years her junior — to pack his bags and leave the house.

Two former Slovenian Eurovision stars – Nusa Derenda and Rebeka Dremelj – entertained the invitees during the ceremony.

Are you happy to see your Eurovision stars find love? Are you loving the trend of Eurovision cougars?!