Get ready to feel nostalgic about Vienna. Romania’s band Voltaj, who finished 15th at this year’s contest with De la capat (All Over Again), have just released the first episode of a three-part documentary about their Eurovision experience.

Instead of commentary, Voltaj lets the footage speak for itself, and their song plays in the background. From leaving Romania by bus to their first rehearsal in Vienna, the first episode documents every step of the band’s backstage experience. The documentary is an interesting insight into what happens in the delegation’s quarters and on the road to the Eurovision stage. We wish all artists did the same!

The band are rolling out one episode per week via their Facebook page.

We’re glad to see that the boys looked past their placing in the Final and are still keeping Eurovision 2015 in their hearts.

What about you? Do you think Voltaj should have placed higher in Vienna?

Romania’s second rehearsal at Eurovision 2015

Voltaj – “20” live at Eurovision Jam Night

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8 years ago

I always thought Voltaj and their song deserved better than the final outcome. 15th is quite respectable for an artist and performance that bookies thought worthy of no better than 23rd the weekend before the contest. Before the contest, I thought they would finish 5th, and the music video being the biggest reason for the way I evaluated them. I imagine the stage setup (suitcases on the stage with a montage of videoclips behind them) wasn’t what many expected (myself included). Nevertheless, I ranked them 2nd for their semi performance (they finished 5th in that semi), and 10th in the… Read more »

Mario Esc-Fan
Mario Esc-Fan
8 years ago

Well my feelings were keep being mixed about them.. Now that the Vision of Vienna is over i can say that i really adore their song & i think that its amazing.. I picture myself when i first saw them that i pretty disliked them…Now i really do not.. I just focus on the main lead singer of the band Calin Goia anyway…He is the voice & the core of Voltaj.. He has really beautiful voice & i even find him appealing.. They had potentials for a much higher place & result…If Paula & Ovi finished 3rd with a less… Read more »