Musiqq might have not had much success at Eurovision 2011 , when they represented Latvia with “Angel In Disguise“. But their angel appears to have unmasked herself and is now helping them reach their full potential. Last year Marats and Emils released their second album “Vel viena muzika” and their singles “Sekundes” and “Dari ka es” have achieved millions of views on YouTube. Fly, baby, fly…

Now the duo is taking a new turn. This week they released “Silta Sirds” (Warm Heart) — the lead single from their third album. The song – and the album – is totally acoustic, which marks a daring and surprisingly effective departure from their uptempo hits.

Emils and Marats told Latvian site that “the song is a true and sentimental story about how every one of us is capable of making the world better and can make their loved one’s, relatives’, friends’ and colleagues’ day better with a smile and positive emotions”.

Along with the new album, Musiqq will tour Latvia in December. They’ll play their old hits with the new acoustic songs. Maybe they will even include their Eurovision entry “Angel in Disguise” to the set list as well?

Do you like Musiqq’s new style? Would you like to see them back in Eurovision? Tell us in the comments!


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Mario esc-fan
Mario esc-fan
8 years ago

I really adored their visionary song in 2011 <3 It was one of my most favorites songs from the Vision of Dusseldorf <3 I liked the fact that it reminded me of summer <3 It doesn't matter that they did not progress to the Final…Their marvelous song was appreciated from the eurofans like myself 🙂 That Vision was weird…Who would had thought that Azerbaijan would be crowned the big winner?? Although *Running Scared* was a beautiful song…But there were multiple other songs that were better ones deserving the victory more.. Latvia has sent such wonderful songs to our EuroVision like… Read more »