Over the years, wiwibloggs has created quite a large video catalogue on our YouTube channel. Sometimes it can be difficult to watch them all, especially since we add several new clips all the time. But fear not, we’re here to help. At the end of every month, we will present y’all with the top ten most viewed videos of the period just gone by. So now there’s no excuse not to catch-up! Or at least to discover what ones the masses love. September’s top ten are listed below in ascending order. Check them out!

10. New music releases: Måns Zelmerlöw, Edurne, Nadav Guedj, Ruth Lorenzo, Il Volo – 1,406 views

Uploaded: 15/09/2015 | Lifetime views to 30/09/2015: 1,406

9. Second rehearsal: Nadav Guedj (Israel) Eurovision 2015 – 1,721 views

Uploaded: 16/05/2015 | Lifetime views to 30/09/2015: 125,481

8. Eurovision Press Conference: Italy Il Volo – 1,760 views

Uploaded: 17/05/2015 | Lifetime views to 30/09/2015: 50,890

7. Eurovision Top 10: Crimes of ESC 2015 (Amber, Lisa Angell, Edurne, Electro Velvet) – 1,795 views

Uploaded: 17/07/2015 | Lifetime views to 30/09/2015: 9,452

6. Live: Blue “One Love” @ London Pride 2015 (Trafalgar Square) – 2,001 views

Uploaded: 27/06/2015 | Lifetime views to 30/09/2015: 6,732

5. Live: Blue “All Rise” @ London Pride 2015 (Trafalgar Square) – 2,063 views

Uploaded: 27/06/2015 | Lifetime views to 30/09/2015: 7,115

4. Eurovision charades (Episode 3): Guess the song and act – 2,103 views

Uploaded: 02/09/2015 | Lifetime views to 30/09/2015: 2,103

3. Live: Engelbert Humperdinck in Concert – Long Island, New York – 2,889 views

Uploaded: 17/10/2014 | Lifetime views to 30/09/2015: 37,216

2. Live: Blue “Breathe Easy” @ London Pride 2015 (Trafalgar Square) – 4,838 views

Uploaded: 27/06/2015 | Lifetime views to 30/09/2015: 13,124

1. Interview: Il Volo (Italy) on Eurovision 2015, “Grande Amore” and women – 11,636 views

Uploaded: 19/05/2015 | Lifetime views to 30/09/2015: 206,123

What do you  think of the list? Did your fave make the cut? Let us know!


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7 years ago

wiwibloggs why do not you guys make a video to show fantastic music made in Portugal ??? Here are the songs: -Carolina Deslandes – mountains -David carreira- primeira dama -Diogo piçarra – tu e eu -Carolina Deslandes – carousel -Badoxa – mulher perfeita -Carlão – os tais -Bruno correia – tudo o que eu quero és tu -B4 – É melhor não duvidar -Anselmo Ralph – uníca mulher -Badoxa – Controla -Mickael Carreira – tudo o que tu quiseres -Shawn Mendes – stitches -boy Teddy – number one -Agnes Arabela marques – wings -agir – parte me o pescoço –… Read more »

7 years ago

Hey, wiwibloggs. You should make an article about Polina’s new single called “Ya Ne Budu”. It’s already out on itunes just this October 2.

7 years ago

IL Volo love you. Wiwibloggs make an article about Iveta Mukuchyans new song

Mario esc-fan
Mario esc-fan
7 years ago

There should be a topic for the most popular wiwi *articles* of WB as well…This would be even more interesting..