A couple of weeks ago, we reported that Il Volo had publicly denied vandalizing their hotel rooms in Locarno. Since then the hotel manager has dismissed the accusations reported in the Swiss press as unfounded and the three singers have set the record straight on live television. Yes, it all got that serious.

The scandal, which also made headlines in the Italian press, was covered by national broadcaster RAI. The singers were invited to present their side of the story on the live show “La Vita en Diretta”. According to the trio, the Swiss tabloid greatly exaggerated a minor incident at hotel Garni Du Lac, caused by the fact that Piero is allergic to dust and the rooms were not 100% clean. Pierro, Ignazio and Gianluca accused the Swiss press who invented the scandal of trying to tarnish their “nice boy” image and pointed their fingers at the tabloid journalists who caused them, their families and their fans a lot of distress.

You can watch a part of the show covering this issue here (with English subtitles). You can watch the show in its entirety here.

Also, according to the Italian press, the hotel manager himself denied the accusations made by the Swiss press. According to him, the rooms were only found with beds unmade and a few leaflets on the floor in one of the rooms, which is far from what was reported in the media (and involving bodily fluids). He also claimed that he had no idea who spread the false rumour that the rooms were trashed.

Il Volo’s legal team is on the case, though hopefully the responsible folks, be they in the Swiss press or in the hotel itself, will have to pay for damaging the trio’s reputation.

We are relieved to learn that, as we suspected, it was much ado about nothing.  We can go back to listening to Il Volo’s excellent album in peace.

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4 years ago

Escandalo lo canta Raphael

4 years ago

It seems really silly. I mean what was the point in accusing them in the first place?