Anton Ewald opened the final of Melodifestivalen 2014 with “Natural” and finished dead last. Eighteen months later, he has released his third EP “Studio 18”. For this effort the “Begging” singer has gone native, delivering five new songs in Swedish.

Studio 18

Click here to listen to the full EP on Spotify.

The first track is “Tycker Att Du Saknas (Think You Are Missing)”. Anton slays! Announced as the first single, it has great potential, especially if the video is packaged with some of Anton’s hot dance moves. The catchy beat is infectious, even if you have no idea what Anton is singing about. The song shows off Anton’s vocals and could really climb the charts.

“Du & Jag (You & Me)” is a pleasant second track. It’s good but not amazing, and doesn’t hit top gear. But his seductive whistling in the background makes it memorable.

“Föll (Fell)” and “Okej (Okay)” are definitely the weakest parts of the EP. “Föll” feels like a less exciting version of “Du & Jag”, while Anton slows things down in “Okej”. It doesn’t really work. Anton fans who want to get up and dance with the man who choreographed and danced with Danny Saucedo will certainly be let down by “Okej” in particular.

“Häng Med (Come Along)” gets the EP back on track as Anton partners with rapper Sam-E to deliver a synthetic pop track that features Anton at his best. Anton, we’ll come along whenever you like!

Overall, “Studio 18” is a tale of two halves. Both “Tycker Att Du Sacknas” and “Häng Med” are easy on the ears but the rest of it fails to get off the ground. “Studio 18” would definitely benefit from some more upbeat dance numbers.

Score: 2.5/5

Anton Ewald at Melodifestivalen


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Melissa J
6 years ago

I wish this would be available in the US! I hate how hard it is to find my favorite artists, and from the snippets I have been able to find online, this EP is definitely a step up for Anton.

6 years ago

Demasiado bello…lol

6 years ago

Hoping one of the uptempo entries makes its way to melfest next year