It’s open season for Hungary’s A Dal. Full details were announced on Monday and it’s quite likely that the country’s next Eurovision star is busy fine-tuning their entry ahead of the 25 November deadline. But it will be a while before we hear any of the contenders. So in the interim, let’s take a listen to some of the new releases from past representatives.

Boggie “Camouflage”

She first rose to fame with her extreme Photoshop “Parfüm” video, and now the “Wars For Nothing” singer returns to similar themes on her new single “Camouflage”. Sung entirely in French, the song tackles the “modern disease” of selfies. The video, filmed with the help of her fans, shows people transformed into mindless zombies as they strive for the perfect pic. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. Who hasn’t experienced that “Let Me Take A Selfie” moment? Hopefully, she never bumps into Melfest’s Samir & Viktor – we’re not sure she could survive a “groupie”!

Kállay-Saunders Band “Faded”

Kállay-Saunders’ post Eurovision project continues apace. “Faded” is the latest cut from the band’s “Delivery Boy” album and possesses all the qualities of a future hit. András has shed a little of the bad-boy image he’s developed over his more recent singles and instead takes the intensity down a notch. It’s all about heartbreak and regret, resulting in a much more soulful affair – just the way we like it. Maybe he’s pacing himself ahead of his support slot for James Arthur’s Budapest gig on 7 November.

Kati Wolf “Utazás” (Journey)

Kati is a very busy lady these days. Every Sunday she transforms into a different singing legend on Hungary’s version of Your Face Sounds Familiar (Sztárban sztár). And of course she can’t neglect her day job. As the title suggests, her current single is all about the journey or to be more precise life. She sings of the problems we encounter on our travels in typical Kati style. There aren’t any surprises to be found. But hey, it’s what her fans want. And the Wolf won’t leave her pack hungry.

Magdi Rúzsa “Április” (April)

Cute. Lovely. Joyous. It’s near impossible to use a negative word when describing Magdi’s latest offering. “Április” has to be one of the most positive songs of the year so far. The Eurovision 2007 singer is in love. And she wants the whole world to share in her happiness. This is simply wonderful!

Csézy “Szeretlek” (I Love You)

In 2008, Csézy finished last in her semi final. She’s been silent ever since, except for possibly a few sobs. But the break is over. The “Candlelight” singer is back, and this time she’s in love! After a few dark years, the sun is shining again. She isn’t quite as happy as Magdi (that would be rather hard), but “Szeretlek” makes for a nice heartfelt ballad. Fingers crossed we won’t have to wait another seven years for more new material.



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8 years ago

Boggie is one of my Eurovision favourites forever! She sings in my native French! 🙂