The Junior Eurovision Song Contest is just around the corner, which makes it the perfect time to remember some past contestants and discover what our now (not so) little talents are doing. That’s the case of Pedro Madeira, who has a new single out.

Portugal was a part of the contest in 2006 and 2007, but haven’t been back since, most likely because of their string of poor results. 2006 marked Portugal’s debut at the event. Pedro Madeira was selected to represent the Iberian nation with the song “Deixa-me Sentir” (Let me feel), finishing close to the bottom of the scoreboard with 22 points. Despite the good reviews Pedro’s song had in Portugal, the tune felt too mature for JESC.

After gaining some visibility at JESC, Pedro made it just fine. Releasing four albums, he is now 22 years old and an established singer in the Portuguese music industry. Not many artists can say that at the age of 22 they have four albums in their discography!

His most recent single – “Relógio” (Clock) – is a heartfelt mid-tempo ballad. Throughout the streets of Lisbon and London, Pedro touches hearts with his powerful but smooth voice. The clock is ticking, Pedro. It’s time for you to come back! You may be too old now for Junior Eurovision, but we’re sure you’d be just right for Eurovision.

As you already know, Portugal is out of Eurovision 2016 in Stockholm. But would Pedro Madeira be a good choice for their comeback in 2017? Let us know!


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8 years ago

NOOOO! I don’t want him on Eurovision 2017! Portugal needs to send a “avant garde” to Eurovision, and Pedro Madeira isn’t a right person to bring to Eurovision! I want something contemporary and modern, please! No more mainstream male ballads! (sorry for my english mistakes)

Hanner McSinny/Calvin
8 years ago

“All grown up” had me primed to remove the “l” from “Clock” when I first read the headline. Serving Freudian slip realness?