Musician, songwriter, singer — and now a painter! Turkey’s most recent Eurovision representative Can Bonomo has opened his first solo art exhibition Anachronismus, at The Marmara Pera hotel in Istanbul. And when Can Bonomo is involved, it’s anything but boring.

His surreal paintings include subjects like Napoleon talking on a mobile phone and an astronaut having a space encounter with a banana.

Can Bonomos Exhibition

Can’s artworks use digital printing and illustration, with a lot of different materials and techniques such as oil paint and wall paint.

His works were inspired by the concept of anachronisms. That is, the contrast of a person or object being seen in a different time period than where it’s originally from – for example, a dubstep song being performed at Eurovision 1958. Can’s creations mix historical images with the scenes from future – offering a unique perspective. He explains his exhibition:

We are in 2015 and still the only thing able to measure time is time itself. The only thing I found in this complex situation is anachronisms. So I named my exhibition this and I want to exhibit the time sense in this funny way –  Napoleon speaking on a mobile phone or the concept of time served on a banana in space.

can bonomo exhibition1
can bonomo exhibition 2

Anachronismus is on display at The Marmara Pera hotel in Istanbul until 20 November.

Can Bonomo talks to wiwibloggs in London 2014

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