It’s close to midnight and something evil’s lurking in the dark… oh wait, it’s just your friendly neighbourhood Eurovision star. For it was Halloween last night, and your song contest idols went all out. We had a trawl through social media and came across grannies, ghouls, glamazons and much, much more. Bear in mind, some people such as Vaclav and Leonor just happened to be dressed up by happy coincidence, but they looked hella scary so we’ve thrown them in too. Continue at your peril!

Conchita Wurst – Austria Eurovision 2014

I Love Halloween ????????? #theunstoppables

A post shared by conchita (@conchitawurst) on

Iveta Mukuchyan – Armenia Eurovision 2016

Iveta Mukuchyan Halloween 2015

Poli Genova – Bulgaria Eurovision 2011

Let's #party ! Happy #b'day @jordan_mitov #helloween #bulgaria

A post shared by Poli Genova (@poli.genova) on

Tim Schou of A Friend in London – Denmark Eurovision 2011

I'm a classic man. #halloween

A post shared by T I M S C H ? U (@timschouonline) on

Katrina Dimanta of Aarzemnieki – Latvia Eurovision 2014

31.oktobris. Neparasta diena. #manchester #halloween #halloWINE

A post shared by Ka?i? (@katrinadimanta) on

Jon Lilygreen – Cyprus Eurovision 2010

Soraya – Spain Eurovision 2009

Dolly Style – Sweden’s Melodifestivalen 2015

Happy halloween alla Dollys ?? ??#dollystyle

A post shared by Dolly Style (@dollystyleofficial) on

Maraaya – Slovenia Eurovision 2015

Maraaya Halloween 2015

Juliana Pasha – Albania Eurovision 2010

Te lumshin duart @oltabokaofficial per kete super foto?????

A post shared by ?JULIANA PASHA? (@julianapasha) on

Ellen Benediktson – Sweden’s Melodifestivalen 2014 and 2015

Teo Buzz of Freaky Fortune – Greece Eurovision 2014

Olia Tira – Moldova Eurovision 2010

????? ? ??????!))) #halloween2015 #party #zombie

A post shared by ????????? ????????? (@oliatira) on

Judah Gavra – Israel’s Kdam 2013

Lena – Germany Eurovision 2010 and 2011

Happy Halloween ??? Skelett Make-up Tutorial auf meinem Channel : helloleni

A post shared by Lena (@lenameyerlandrut) on

Hersi – Albania Eurovision 2014

Pasha Parfeny – Moldova Eurovision 2012

Pasha Parfeny Moldova Halloween 2016

Emma Marrone – Italy Eurovision 2014

Mi adeguo ??

A post shared by Emma Marrone (@real_brown) on

Václav Noid Bárta – Czech Republic Eurovision 2015


A post shared by Noid (@vaclavnoidbarta_official) on

Twiins – Slovakia Eurovision 2011

Paul Uotila of Satin Circus – Finland’s UMK 2015

#partyparty #helloween #reykjavik #iceland #airbnb #kotibileet

A post shared by Paul Elias (@pauluotila) on

Julia van Bergen – The Netherlands Junior Eurovision 2014

John Karayiannis – Cyprus Eurovision 2015

Aurela Gace – Albania Eurovision 2011

Greta Doveri of The Peppermints – San Marino Junior Eurovision 2014

Severina – Croatia Eurovision 2006

Jon Henrik Fjallgren – Sweden’s Melodifestivalen 2015

Kalomira – Greece Eurovision 2008

Last nights Halloween party!

A post shared by Kalomira (@itskalomira) on

Amaliia Kryms’ka of Symho-Nick – Ukraine Junior Eurovision 2014


A post shared by ?????? ???????? ??? (@theamykey) on

Mélanie René – Switzerland Eurovision 2015

Ola Ciupa – Polish Milkmaid Eurovision 2014

Cukierek albo psikus ? #halloween #polishgirl

A post shared by Dj SLAVIC?????? (@ola_ciupa) on

Scooch – United Kingdom Eurovision 2007

Kikki Danielsson – Sweden Eurovision 1982 and 1985


Leonor Andrade – Portugal Eurovision 2015


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Mark H
Mark H
7 years ago

Where are the headphones?

7 years ago

This one should be a poll of who has the best halloween costume. I vote for Olia Tira, Greta Doveri, Twiins, Severina, Melanie Rene and Leonor Andrade.

7 years ago

I love the enthusiasm for halloween! Tie for christmas for best holiday of the year

7 years ago

Conchita = Karin Falck. Very welcome…
John Karayiannis – One thing you SHOULDN’T have done…
Judah Gavra – we need some more cleavage here…
Dolly Style – ambulance chasers
Iveta Mukuchyan – smelly cat, together we smell as one!