Singing at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015 will be a huge moment for this year’s contestants. But many of them already share one massive experience: competing on their country’s edition of The Voice Kids. We previously looked at ESC 2015 participants who sang in The Voice, and here we present their junior counterparts!

Shalisa – The Voice Kids (The Netherlands)

Shalisa was the first of all Junior Eurovision participants to take part in The Voice Kids. In 2011, Shalisa (who turned 12 a few days before the audition), made judge Marco Borsato turn his chair. He forbid the other judges from turning their chairs, making lil’ Shalisa one of his team members. She later lost her battle round, but she gained some invaluable experience!

Bella Paige – The Voice Kids (Australia)

Bella Paige (then known as Bella Yoseski) sang a cover of Jennifer Hudson’s “I’m Telling You” during her audition in 2014. Judge and songwriter Delta Goodrem went totally crazy! Bella decided to join team Madden and made it all the way to the superfinal. She finished as runner-up, just behind Alexa Curtis (yes, that one with the “Girl On Fire” audition).

Anna Trincher – The Voice Kids (Ukraine)

For her 2015 audition, Anna Trincher took us all back to the early 70s by singing the Beatles’ “Let It Be”. She convinced two out of the three judges to turn their chairs. Anna may have lost in her battle round, but she realised that the show must go on.

Ruslan Aslanov – The Voice Kids (Ukraine)

As there’s no equalivant to The Voice Kids in Belarus, Ruslan Aslanov decided to go to neigbouring Ukraine to audition. He totally worked Jessie J’s “Mamma Knows Best” and decided to join the team of Eurovision 2006 participant Tina Karol. He made it all the way to the finals and delivered a very remarkable one-man cover of “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

Mikhail Smirnov – The Voice Kids (Russia)

Good voice, cute boy, and a youthful Michael Jackson song? Mikhail Smirnov slays! He turned most of the chairs, including the chair of Eurovision 2008 winner Dima Bilan, and was praised for his English. He made it to the finals where he showed that he could sing not only in Russian and English — but also in French.

Which performance did you like best? Which kids from The Voice do you want to see at JESC next?

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5 years ago

I knew about Mikhail, Anna, and Bella. But I didn’t know Shalisha and Ruslan did it o.o