On Friday night, Colectiv club in Romania’s capital Bucharest caught fire during a rock concert. The flames, smoke, and resulting stampede left 30 people dead, including two members of the band Goodbye to Gravity, and injured over 160. The tragedy has stunned the nation, which has declared three days of national mourning, and made international headlines. This morning, Romanian Eurovision star Paula Seling has released a song paying tribute to the victims of the fire, called “Randul lucrurilor” (Order of Things).

In the lyric video, an emotional Paula is seen welling up during the moving ballad. This morning she performed the song live on Romanian TV station Antena 1, as part of a collective effort to raise funds for the victims and their families.

During the same show, Ovi performed his 2009 song “Small Talk”, which he also dedicated to the memory of those who perished in the blaze.

Other Romanian Eurovision artists are helping with the efforts to raise funds for the victims and their families. Voltaj and Marcel Pavel (Eurovision 2002) participated in a national telethon which raised 825,000 euros in one evening, while Cezar Ouatu has announced he will donate all the proceeds of his upcoming concert to the same cause.

Randul lucrurilor lyrics — Paula Seling

Timpul trece, trece viata
E randul lucrurilor toate
Ca si roua dimineata
Oameni dragi se duc departe

Doamne, da-mi putere acum
Sa nu ma opresc din drum
Viata, zambet, lacrimi, moarte
E randul lucrurilor toate

Hai, mai stai
Tu suflet drag in viata mea
Cobori din Rai sa-mi stampar inima
Hai, mai stai
Ca-s vremuri grele, lumea-i rea
Putere-mi dai sa nu-mi frang inima

Ce n-as da sa-i strang in brate
Acolo unde sunt, departe
Toate au un rost anume
Si de ajungi singur pe lume

Doamne, nu ma mai uita
Ca mi-e greu si lumea-i rea
Viata, zambet, lacrimi, moarte
E randul lucrurilor toate


Randul lucrurilor lyrics (English) — Paula Seling

Time passes, life passes
It’s the order of all things
Life the morning dew
Loved ones leave us, too

Lord, give me the strength
To keep going
Life, smile, tears, death
It’s the order of all things

Stay, don’t go
My life’s beloved soul
Come back from Heaven to soothe my heart
Stay, don’t go
Times are a tough, people are evil
Give me strength so my heart won’t break

I would give all to hold them
Where they are, afar
Everything has a purpose
Even when you’re all alone

Lord, don’t forget me
Life is hard, people are evil
Life, smile, tears, death
It’s the order of all things


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8 years ago

This actually broke headlines here in Russia, so sad both countries had mourning on the same day. I have much sympathy to this as it was in fact the bands fault to have pyrotechnics in such a tightly enclosed space.

8 years ago

What a heartrending tragedy. This song refuels a sense of meaning and purpose to all those directly affected by the loss of their loved ones and an entire nation grieving over this senseless waste of human life, which repeats itself too often in other parts of the world. It’s very telling when the popular artists of a nation are on the front line of mobilizing concrete action to assist those most in need at times like this.