From “The Voice Kids” to Russia’s national selection for JESC 2015, Mikhail Smirnov has wowed audiences with his voice and charisma. Soon he’ll take his talent — and his song “Mechta” — to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Sofia. He recently caught up with wiwibloggs to tell us about his love of football, his favourite Russian singers and the recent revamp of his song.

You participated in “The Voice Kids”. What did you learn from that experience?
It was the first TV-project in my life broadcast live and with real instrumental accompaniment. Absolutely fantastic and unforgettable feelings and sound! I managed to reach the final, which was a great success! By the way, there were three participants from “The Voice Kids Russia” in the Russian national final for JESC 2015, including Maria Mirova who took second place.

You recently revamped your song “Mechta”. Why did you change it?
We wanted to make “Mechta” sound less “old-school”. And now the song is not just a ballad – it is something else and I like it a lot! I guess that this revamped version is better for JESC. We also added one chorus in English. I hope this will help TV viewers understand the meaning of my song.

Mikhail Smirnov with GuitarWhat is the meaning and who do you think about when you sing it?
This is a song of a romantic person, who is always reaching for something sublime and beautiful. These are words about a man and his dream that inspires him and makes him happy. Although I think that everyone can find their own meaning in the lyrics, this is with respect to his life. Actually, I don’t think about a concrete person while singing this song.

What other hobbies do you have besides singing?
In addition to singing, I act in musical theater. One of my roles was Jim Hawkins in the play “Treasure Island”. I also write poetry, play football and I am keen on shooting and editing my own mini-videos. I even have my own vlog on my YouTube channel.

What would you like to be when you grow up?
I will tell you a secret: to be honest, I used to dream of becoming a footballer. I even played a few years in a professional football club. But of course singing is the main thing in my life. Therefore, I would like to become an actor in musical theater, like Broadway, in the future.

Who do you think is your main competitor in Sofia?
My own agitation.

What do you know about Bulgaria?
I have been to Bulgaria before with my family in summer 2010. I remember that there is very beautiful nature and architecture in Bulgaria, as well as very friendly people. I can’t wait to visit Sofia and to go sight-seeing.

Mikhail Smirnov Singing 3Which Russian singers do you aspire to be like?
Pelageya, Polina Gagarina and Dima Bilan.

Have you gotten advice from any past Junior Eurovision or Eurovision participants?
Yes. Last year’s JESC participant from Russia Alisa Kozhikina gave me some advice, but it is personal. [Smiles].

Finally, do you have a message for your fans on wiwibloggs?
I wish you to be yourself regardless of the circumstances. And I wish happiness, success and all the best for all of your readers and Eurovision fans!


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8 years ago

Russia, The Netherlands, Italy and Bulgaria… Who’s gonna win? The last place obvly

8 years ago

Much better! The old version was a tad bland and boring, well done Russia 😀

8 years ago

way over-produced. Lost its innocence and turned into another wannabe big-gun mix. 5-10 place most likely.