On 12 September, wiwibloggs shimmied over to Portugal’s biggest Eurovision party of da year — the Eurovision Live Concert in Setúbal. In-between lapping up the sun and sipping on mango daiquiris, wiwiblogger Deban caught up with Malta’s Eurovision 2012 act (and most famous foot twister) Kurt Calleja.

Over the years we’ve seen plenty of artists release new versions of their Eurovision entries translated into English or their national language – occasionally even a cheeky French or Spanish version. Kurt, however, has given wiwibloggs the first ever remake of a song in Cockney.

Despite the constraints of a Maltese accent, Calleja slays the London dialect — taking us to Albert Square and back again. In the words of Radio International presenter Juergen Boernig (who makes a cameo in the video): “We hope you liked it as much as the original one. If not, blame Kurt!”

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7 years ago

This was my favourite song in 2012, although Amber almost ruined it with her hoarse voice. Actually it really sucked live, but it was fun to listen to.