Aimee Banks Ireland Junior Eurovision interview

History was made yesterday, as Aimee Banks became the very first Irish act to step foot on a Junior Eurovision stage. After her rehearsal, she caught up with our William to talk about how it all went.

She described the experience as amazing, saying that she can’t wait to get back on stage. For those of us who don’t speak Irish (and who haven’t listened to the English version), Aimee explained that “Réalta Na Mara” is about a ship on troubled waters, before hope arrives in the end – “it’s sort of a metaphor for life”. The young singer also told us that she won’t be wearing her national final dress on Saturday, and instead will wear the Niall Tyrrell designed gown she wore on Friday’s Late Late Show. We also asked her who she’d like to sing for Ireland at adult Eurovision, and Aimee’s all about keeping it in the family – she wants to send her sister Anna. If she’s as good as Aimee we won’t object!

You can watch the full interview below, along with Aimee’s first rehearsal.

Aimee Banks Interview @ Junior Eurovision 2015

Ireland first rehearsal @ Junior Eurovision 2015

Aimee Banks Fan Message


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8 years ago

Aimee is probably not used to this kind of spotlight and scrutiny, but I found some of her reactions cringeworthy. She could have been better prepared for these situations by her entourage without compromising on being her own self.