Jana Mirkovic Montenegro Junior Eurovision 2015

A “Storm” is coming and Montenegro’s Jana Mirkovic is at the center of it! During her first rehearsal at Junior Eurovision 2015 she treated the circular stage like a runway, sashaying to the beat while gyrating with her hips. Four backing dancers help fill the space. They strut, strut, strut, but sadly never make use of the two curving runways, which seems like a bit of a waste. No matter. A neon cityscape on the LED gives this an appropriately energetic backdrop. For weeks we’ve been wondering how Jana would fill the 30-second lyrical pause 90 seconds into the song. Today she answered that by unveiling a series of yellow drapes which her dancers tie around her body Sertab Erener style. During the first take she looked a tad frightened — it was as if the dancers were going to squeeze the life out of her! But she grew in confidence on subsequent takes and left us thinking this is more of an earworm than we had anticipated.

Junior Eurovision 2015: Montenegro’s first rehearsal

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Photo: EBU (Credit: Elena Volotova/Vladimir Dudakliev)

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Marcus (Day One)
Marcus (Day One)
6 years ago

I really didn’t like this song at first.
But like a good earworn I now really like it.
It’s fun and reminds me of JESC of old 🙂

6 years ago

Song: 10/12
Live Vocals: 8/12 (cute and powerful)
Staging: 6/12
Overall: 7/12

6 years ago

Surprisingly good staging and performance, but Idk if it’s just me, but her voice is at some points really shaky, which she needs to improve. Anyway, that’s what rehearsals are for – improvement 😀 Bravo Jano!