Shalisa Netherlands Junior Eurovision 2015

Fans of Shalisa and her Junior Songfestival performance will heartily approve of her first rehearsal at Junior Eurovision 2015. Once again she serves up some Alicia Keys realness, sitting at her piano and tickling the ivories while giving us vocal soul. She looks straight into the camera and dares you not to feel something. The songs translates well to this bigger stage: two backing vocalists and two dancers help fill the space, and spinning camera shots give this more energy than we remember from the national final. All of us non-Dutch speakers can easily discern the meaning of the song, which is about two people who love each other, thanks to the dancers who dominate the LED screen. Cast in black and white and then in color, they create an atmosphere of longing and nostalgia that morphs into celebration. Shalisa pops in a gold sequin jacket and takes in the light from candles burning on her piano. In some of the takes Shalisa seemed to struggle during the bridge. The spinning camera shot at that moment is quite effective, so if she can hit that note it’ll help bring this hom.

Junior Eurovision 2015: The Netherlands’ first rehearsal

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EBU (Credit: Elena Volotova/Vladimir Dudakliev)

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7 years ago

For me better stage performance from their national final.

7 years ago

WOW WOW WHOOOOOOW!!! That girl is on fire! WHAT a voice and what an amazing performance!!! She was my numer 9 but she climbs up to my 2nd.

I think the jurys will give her a lot of points so she can be the dark horse this year!