Mika was not playing during Armenia’s second rehearsal. He was giving it his all, resulting in a performance without any major hitches to iron out. The hues of pink marry well with the burst of energy from Team Armenia. It’s bubblegum pop 50’s style that takes everyone — from toddler to grandma — to the dancefloor. The dancers were also on their A-game, making this entry one of the serious contenders for the JESC trophy!

Junior Eurovision 2015: Armenia’s second rehearsal

What we thought of Mika’s first rehearsal

Armenia’s MIKA was a total showman during his first rehearsal at Junior Eurovision 2015. Wearing a pink suit with white sneakers, he was styled perfectly to carry this song, which updates 50s cool for 2015. His performance oozed class from the first note to the last, both musically and visually, and across every single take. The other delegations need to take note.

Three dancers — pure sass and energy — support him on stage, and the performance begins with the camera panning up on them. But from the moment Mika enters the frame it’s all about him. Confident and brimming with ambition, he looks straight into the camera and belts out note after note with ease. And he does this while also performing some clever choreography that masks any effort it may take him to bust a move. We see him sidestep and moonwalk with joy and aplomb. He is showing no sign of nerves and seems to be living this performance.

As for the LED, it features a grey-and-white globe illuminated with flashing red hearts. They pulsate to the beat before exploding into white and red and white and purple diamond formations. It’s fitting: this performance is one big explosion of love and light.

Junior Eurovision 2015: Armenia’s first rehearsal

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Photo: EBU (Elena Volotova & Vladimir Dudakliev)

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5 years ago

Such a class act this one. 2nd or 3rd I think.