Chanelling a romantic theme that builds bridges, Ruslan Aslanov staging borrows positive elements from Eurovision’s Ukraine 2013 and Hungary 2015. Ruslan is centered amidst a dark backdrop of bellowing smoke. Technically, the set goes through a number of changes infusing a rather special feeling to the mystical sound. During the second rehearsal, Ruslan performs in a carefully paired pallet of black and white. It works beautifully with the staging and his song.

Junior Eurovision 2015: Belarus’ second rehearsal


Ruslan Aslanov’s first rehearsal at Junior Eurovision 2015 made us think of two former Eurovision stars: Boggie from Hungary and Zlata Ognevich from Ukraine. The act opens with light rising on a large LED tree — when it goes green, you’ll be thinking “Wars for Nothing.” Like Boggie’s stage show, this number plays on darkness and light, albeit with a lot more drama. His tree goes from black to green to fiery red before being enveloped by a storm. Pack your umbrellas…

As at the Belarusian selection, Ruslan plays on his song title “Volshebstvo”, which translates to “magic.” The mysical sound is backed up by LED effects that jive with his motions — he flicks his hand and glitter shoots out of the tree, he holds out his hand and we see a Zlata-like butterfly land there. He reminds us of her vocally, too: loud to louder, but always on point.

He didn’t appear to be wearing his full costume, but what he did wear suggested he’ll go dark on the night. He had on black leather trousers, a black draped cape open at the front, and a very long dark necklace. It was made of string but resembled a chain.

Junior Eurovision 2015: Belarus’ first rehearsal

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Photo: EBU (Elena Volotova & Vladimir Dudakliev)