Hungary’s musicians have until November 25 to apply for A Dal 2016, but it will be a while before we learn who has made the cut in the country’s fierce Eurovision selection. As we wait to see if any of our favourites are making a comeback, we thought we’d check in with the best and the brightest out of Budapest and check out their latest releases.

ByeAlex – Apám Sírjánál (At My Father’s Grave)

The man who sang “Kedvesem” at Eurovision 2013 has had an intense few years. And it’s not just because of his new music or book. Last year ByeAlex lost his 53-year-old father, and he has now released a beautiful song dedicated to his memory. It’s hard to express your feelings when you lose someone close, but Alex found a way that suits him. Just listen to the song and you’ll feel his pain.

Kállay-Saunders Band feat. DENIZ

The Kállay-Saunders Band has collaborated with talented Hungarian rapper DENIZ. As with his Eurovision 2014 track “Running”, the tone is dark and the subject serious. Don’t Do It is all about suicide and the possible ways of prevention. Some musicians always sing about love, but Kállay-Saunders chooses a different route and we can’t wait to hear his band’s song for A Dal 2016.

Compact Disco – Van Az Úgy

After an 11-month break, Compact Disco have released a new song, and YESS it’s in Hungarian. Somehow their style works well with the language and Hungarian fans are really appreciating it — so much so that the band has decided that they won’t make an English song for a while. In the future they want to make simple videos and focus on their fan base in Hungary.

Magdi Rúzsa – Angyal mellettem (Angel next to me) & Tejút (Milky Way)

Magdi is a true artist. Every time she releases a new song, it’s a hit — and emotional to boot. In a single week she has published two new songs in different styles. Angyal Mellettem is a beautiful ballad in which she opens her soul, releasing beauty and pain at the same time. Tejút is a happier, more energetic song and it has only one message: Live and love your life!

There’s a strong chance that some of these artists will compete at A Dal 2016. Who is your favourite?