When Loïc Nottet was announced as one of the names for the 2015 season of Danse avec les stars, there wasn’t a lot of fuss. Despite coming fourth in Vienna, the young Belgian singer wasn’t especially well known in France. But five weeks into DALS, Loïc has become a major sensation, wowing judges and audiences alike with his impressive moves. Let’s take a look at his progress so far.

Week 1

Loïc’s debut was a foxtrot to “Homeless” by Marina Kaye. Along with dance partner Denitsa Ikonomova, Loïc brought some contemporary dance moves to the traditional foxtrot steps. It earned the couple a score of 31/40.

Week 2: Personal Story Week

In time for Halloween, Loïc and Denitsa got ghoulish doing a pasodoble to MJ’s “Thriller”. By this stage it was becoming obvious that Loïc could hold his own as a dancer and wasn’t relying on his partner to cover up any weaknesses. The pair scored 36/40, including the first 10 points of the series.


Week 3: 80’s

Things moved to the next level in week three, with a high energy jive to “Ça plane pour moi” by Plastic Bertrand (who also represented Luxembourg at ESC 1987). Loïc brought some rock ‘n’ roll swagger to the dance floor, with the pair earning a score of 72/80.


Week 5: Mythic Dance

The week four show was cancelled due to the national days of mourning following the Paris terror attacks. The following week, Loïc brought his A-game with a spectacular and moving contemporary dance interpretation of Sia’s “Chandelier”. And remember – Loïc has sung this song as well. He’s basically a boy version of Sia and Maddy Ziegler combined. The routine earned the couple a massive 77/80, all nines and tens.


Week 6 : Disney Night

Loïc and Denitsa’s most recent dance was a delightful quickstep to “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” from Mary Poppins. It again thrilled the audience, and the judges awarded it 75/80.


Loïc and Denitsa have the highest average score of the series, but are closely followed by French singer and actress Priscilla Betti, French-Canadian singer and impressionist Véronic DiCaire, and French-Canadian singer Olivier Dion. With only a few weeks left of the series, it looks like the youngest ever Danse avec les stars contestant might just win the series. Bonne chance, Loïc!

And for those of us who also like his singing talents, Loïc is currently recording his debut album. On his days off from DALS, he’s been busy in the recording studio.

WORK .. WORK .. WORK .. The album’s coming !! 🙂 #studioday

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8 years ago

Loïc, will you marry me???

8 years ago

And he’s becoming sexy as hell!!

Antranig Shokayan
8 years ago

Loving every minute of it!