Last Thursday Belarus staged the first auditions to find its Eurovision 2016 representative. We admired the good, the bad and the funny of one of Europe’s more eccentric national selections. Tomorrow we’re doing it again during the second and final audition. It start at 10CET and you can follow the auditions live on TVR’s official site by clicking hereAfter the jury — which includes TEO, Alyona Lanskaya and Dmitry Koldun — has heard all the songs, they will decide which artists will proceed to the final.

In the final, the decision rests solely with the Belarusian public. You can check our favourites from the first auditions by clicking here.

Some of the artists who will sing include Kirill Yermakov with “Running to the Sun”, Janet with “Dragonfly” and Shir with “My Mind On You”. We know some of you Eurofans will recognise the names…

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