Bulgaria is back at the Eurovision Song Contest for 2016 and our memories of their past efforts are flowing faster than Snoop Dog after a few drinks. Recently when we were in Sofia for Junior Eurovision we rubbed shoulders with local club legend DJ Dian Solo, who represented his country at Eurovision 2008 as part of Deep Zone with “DJ Please Take Me Away”. The man had a lot to say — and we were very happy to listen!

Looking funkier and edgier than ever, Dian talked about his gig commentating on the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, his Eurovision record of having the longest intro of any song in the history of the contest, and the group’s “really gorgeous” new female vocalist Nelina. The group has a hot new release — and video — planned for March.

DJ Dian Solo at Junior Eurovision 2015

He’s still got plenty of love for Eurovision. “It’s a nice memory and now it’s repeating again because I was commenting on Junior Eurovision for the Bulgarian National Television, and this fever comes back. Eurovision is like the flu, like a virus — when you catch it, it’s for life.”

Will that virus compel him to collaborate with Bulgaria’s Eurovision 2016 entry? We have a sneaky suspicion it might. “I hope one day we will come back with some joint projects with former Bulgarian participants in Eurovision,” he tells us. “We can make some joint project.”

When we tweeted out the above video, Eurovision Bulgaria retweeted us, adding this suggestive message:

So now we’re dreaming of Deep Zone working with Poli Genova in 2016.

Deep Zone in London

Deep Zone fans in London are in luck. The group will perform at The Alice Bar (133 Houndsditch, EC3A 7BX) on December 5 at 21:00. The show doesn’t end until 3am. Tickets and info on the official event page on Facebook.

Deep Zone feat. Vessy B. – “Get Together”

Deep Zone – “May the Music be with you”

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8 years ago

Local legend??? Nobody has ever heard of this guy in Bulgaria. Nobody listens to Deep Zone apart from club junkies. #FACEPALM