Sinplus — that’s the brothers Ivan and Gabriel Broggini — recently invited wiwiblogger Deban to visit la casa di Sinplus in the stunning canton of Ticino. Gabriel and Ivan gave us plenty of insight into their life and career — from how they dreamed up their band’s name to what it was like shooting the music video for “Tieniti Forte” in an amusement park. Bonus: the duo opened the interview by treating us to a beautiful piano version of their new single “Fire & Snow”. You can check out the full chat — and read the highlights — below.

Sinplus Interview

“It’s like a positive sin”

They went with the name Sinplus “because it sounded nice” – but it’s also a play on words, hence being “like a positive sin”. It was not the boys, but their “crafty” uncle who came up with it. And who filmed their music video for “Love is Free”? Their sister! The band is turning out to be a true family affair.

“We like every kind of music”

The style of their music varies widely and the boys admitted that they “like to experiment” with their sound. Ivan predicts their next venture will be a “kinda dubstep reggae song”. We’ll go with it — and so will they: “When an idea comes you have to do it — you can’t just say no because it’s too far from your style.”

“This is one of the nicest things”

Gabriel & Ivan talk about filming the video for “Tienti Forte” — their first-ever song in their native Italian. They tell us that all the extras in the video — it was shot in a theme park — were their friends and fans. (Um, where was our invite?) Working so closely with their fans was very rewarding for the duo, who say “this is one of the nicest things – you feel the people that are supporting you.”

Stay tuned for part two where Sinplus show us Ticino and talk Eurovision…


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8 years ago

In miss Universe this sunday, Miss Austria wear a national coustumes inspiretedt to the gay right, EU support gay right and a eurovision song winner…..
indovinate chi?

8 years ago

Yay Deban!