Marco Mengoni is playing the role of Santa Claus and giving his fans a very special gift! The Italian singer – who turns 27 on Christmas night – has announced via Facebook that he will soon publish new music in Spanish.

Italy’s 2013 Eurovision representative is set to release the new album exclusively for the Spanish market in January. The title is Liberando Palabras, the Castilian version of his third-platinum album Parole in circolo.

He revealed the news during an interview with Radio Italia: “I started a new adventure when I published three songs in Spanish. I love this language so much and Sony Music Spain loved my songs as well. In January Parole in circolo will be out for the Spanish market but with a different title, Liberando palabras, freeing words.

Mengoni isn’t new for Spanish audiences. Besides his legions of Spanish fans, some may remember him as a juror during the Spanish Eurovision national final in 2013 when he voted to select the song for El Sueño de Morfeo.

Back in 2014 he entered the Spanish charts with the EP Pronto a correre Spain, which included the three songs “Incomparable”, “Nunca se irá” and “No me detendré”. He also performed his songs on several Spanish radio stations.


The next single that will take him to Spain is called “Invencible”, the Spanish version of the song “Invincibile”. You can listen to it here:

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