Two weeks ago Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB) revealed that indie band Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz will sing for Georgia at Eurovision 2016. Its members Nika Kocharov (vocals, guitar), Gia Iashvili (vocals, bass), Nick Davitashvili (guitar, keyboards) and Dima Oganesian (drums) recently caught up with our Georgia correspondent Rezo Mamsikashvili. Below you can find out more about the band and their plans for Stockholm.

Hello! Congratulations for being selected to represent Georgia at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest! Can you tell us about the group’s history?

Thank you Rezo. Our band was created 15 years ago and our members have changed many times since then. In 2003 we created a film soundtrack, which went on to become the best soundtrack of the year. We also released our first album “Lemonjuice”. Soon we received some business offers from London.

What does representing your country at such a huge event mean to you?

First of all, representing our country at the Eurovision Song Contest means responsibility, because when you stand on the stage and sing, you don’t represent only yourself, you also represent your country. We’re pleased to take on such a big experience.

GPB has staged an open call for songs. How do you feel about performing a song that someone else has written? Will you do anything to make the songs sound like the music you usually write and perform?

We’ll sing a song, written by someone else, if we like it a lot. Because the song is very important, because this is the Eurovision Song Contest. This is very difficult — you must fit the whole essence in one song.

A lot of our readers have asked how you came up with the name “Young Georgian Lolitaz”. Can you fill us in?

This is a tautology. The name comes from +18 sites.

Your genre is unusual for Eurovision. How are you going to make people love you and your song?

Yes. This is a very interesting step from Georgia, because our genre is strange and different. Eurovision loves difference, so we’ll try. And we want to say thank you to GPB for this chance, because this is innovative vision from them.

Young Georgian Lolitaz eurovision 2016 nika kocharov

Are you planning to promote your song and the band before the contest?

We have not planned it yet. We recently had a lot of concerts. We were active and we still are now, but we will try to promote our song.

Do you watch the Eurovision Song Contest?

Yes. We watched for the first time when Georgia made its debut at the Eurovision Song Contest 2007. We were living in England when ”Visionary Dream” was recorded.

Young Georgian Lolitaz eurovision 2016 nika kocharov 2

For you who is the most memorable contestant from Eurovision?

Sebastien Tellier, who represented France in 2008. He didn’t belong to the Eurovision style and had a very strange song.

Do you have a message for your fans on

Listen to good music. Music changes your worldview. If you listen to a variety of music, your life will be diverse.

Thanks and good luck!



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8 years ago

Georgia 2014.. here we goo.. here we goo…

8 years ago

I agree with Luis – Divine is one of my alltime faves.

BIG excepation for their entry. Some rock and indie. Bring it on 🙂 Great music styles. Needs more of it in ESC

8 years ago

I’m really excited for them. We need a break from diva ballads and shake-shake-shake songs.

Luis Fuster
8 years ago

Choosing Tellier as their favourite Eurovision act means already 12 points from me. Can’t wait to hear their song!

8 years ago

As long as the song is good, I don’t care about the style or whether it’s typical Eurovision or not. We need more innovative entries, so I love GPB’s pick.