Earlier today, the Wiwi Jury — our in-house panel of music unprofessionals — gathered in Valletta to discuss the contestants participating in Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2016 (MESC). After taking in some gorgeous views of the Med, we turned to Kim and her entry “Lighthouse”. Does Kim’s lighthouse lead directly to the MESC final or straight off a cliff? Read on to find out…



Antranig: I love Kim’s voice and this song has no shortage of irresistably cute lyrics. However, I keep expecting it to come to life and give me something special but I’m left wanting more. It’s cute, but I hope Kim comes back next year with something that has a bit more firepower because this will be forgotten on the night.

Score: 5/10

Deban: Great demo, but presently the production is lacking a few punches. Kim’s voice has a very likable quality, and I could listen to her sing all day. There’s a vulnerability to her delivery making “Lighthouse” believable. With the right tweaking, this could be a contender.

Score: 6/10

Josh: “Lighthouse” is a lighthearted and sweet song with a very cute message. It reminds me of a blend of current day Celine Dion mixed with old school Taylor Swift. Kim has a lovely sounding voice with great English annunciation, however the song doesn’t build as much as I’d like it to. I do think Kim’s voice could carry this into the final though and maybe a standard Maltese revamp could be the trick to making “Lighthouse” a stand out.

Score: 6/10

Patrick: Now first of all Kim is a sweet girl with a very humble and cute voice. She has the perfect voice for a ballad and the story behind the song is sweet, I mean don’t we all want a lighthouse that guides us home? I definitely do! Of course Malta’s National Selection needs a cheesy ballad but this isn’t just cheesy, it’s also sweet and lovely. She won’t win the trophy but with some dazzling staging she could definitely make the final.

Score: 7.5/10

Robyn: This is a sweet song and Kim has a lovely voice, but I find it really hard to stay interested when I’m listening. This is exactly the kind of song that ends up being forgotten about in the semi-finals, and I don’t have great hopes for it at the national final.

Score: 4/10

William: Kim sings that “this could be a big mistake” and she’s right. Her uninspiring and bland “Lighthouse” could lull a drunken sailor into a coma — even in the middle of a storm. Her voice is sweet, but not exceptional, and the melody is more lullaby than Eurovision.

Score: 3/10

In the Maltese Wiwi Jury we have 18 jurors but only have room for six reviews. The remaining twelve scores are below.

Anthony: 6/10

Bernardo: 7.5/10

Cristian: 6/10

Denise: 5.5/10

George: 6.5/10

Luis: 3/10

Maria: 3/10

Mario: 4.5/10

Ramadan: 4/10

Renske: 7/10

Rezo: 5/10

Zakaria: 5/10

The highest and lowest scores are dropped prior to calculating the average score. This is to remove outliers and reduce potential bias. We have removed a low of 3 and a high of 7.5.




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8 years ago

Given that one of Ira’s songs has to be eliminated from the final due to the rules, only 5 other songs are at risk of being eliminated. I think this song can make it to the final.

8 years ago

I actually kinda like this song!!!

8 years ago

It is okay, just relaxing.

Ben Rafter
Ben Rafter
8 years ago

By far the best so far, but agree that if it won it would be forgotten in the semi final.