The Belarusian national selection for Eurovision is coming closer and closer and, to pass the time we caught up with the band NAVI, who are hoping to represent the country in Stockholm. NAVI are a duo made up of Artyom Lukyanenko and Ksenia Zhuk. Their song “Gyeta Zyamlya” is sparkling with energy and positive vibes! Read below to find out what they have to share with you!

Can you tell us a bit about your song “Gyeta Zyamlya”? What is its message and what emotions do you want to bring to your listeners?

The main line in the song is “Gyeta Zyamlya, dze sustryelisya my…”, which translates as “This land, where we’ve met”.

The primary message of “Gyeta Zyamlya” is to show love to the homeland, nature and people. This is the place, where we’ve met, where we create something and give people our energy, where we gather the audience and we are happy about it.

What are you thinking about, when you perform your song?

We are trying to live through the moment of creating the song and to see the images which we are singing about. It’s not that easy to think about something else, when you sing a sing a song like this one.

You wrote “Gyeta Zyamlya” yourself. What was the process like?

In the beginning we didn’t plan to send our bid to Eurovision. The song appeared by itself, naturally. Ksenia got an idea, which we we developed more together, finishing the lyrics and making the arrangement.

The creative process wasn’t difficult. We clearly saw how the final product should look. If we win, then the arrangement might be changed a little.

Your song is the only one in the selection that is performed in the Belarusian language. Do you think it gives you some kind of advantage?

To be honest, we hadn’t thought about it until the last moment. But now we realize that there is a chance that for the first time in history the Belarusian language can be heard in Eurovision. It would be so awesome. There are a lot of people, who support us, which gives us confidence that we should perform in our language if we advance further.

If you were doing a music video to your song, what would it be like? How do imagine it?

We haven’t thought about it yet. Most likely it will be something light and sweet.

How is your preparation for the final going on?

It’s going pretty well. We are on time with every aspect of it. We will go on stage and simply enjoy it.

What are you planning for your performance on stage? Will it be something simple, or can we expect some surprises?

Our image is not about a super show. There won’t be any puffy dresses, nor spectacular appearances/disappearances. The main surprise is our energy, which the viewer will feel. Anything else will be distracting. The only thing that will emphasize the performance is animation, which is created specifically for the song.

You’ve already taken part in the Belarusian national selection last year with the song “Vybyeru sam”, but, unfortunately, didn’t get to the final. Nevertheless, did this experience help you this time?

More “no”, than “yes”. We are not that type of artists, who live from competition to competition. We have an active concert life. Most likely in this year we became more experienced and more confident in ourselves.

Tell us a little bit about the formation of the band NAVI. How did you find each other and start singing together?

It all started with one duet song, after which we got a lot of positive feedback and realised that we should continue our work. In these two years our life has completely changed.

Thank you so much for taking your time and answering our questions! At last, do you have a message for your fans and readers on wiwibloggs?

Our wish for everyone is to be honest with yourself, believe in your powers and never give up!


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5 years ago

I love their song! Awesome!

5 years ago

Happy to read that if they win they change the song a bit.

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