Malta, Christabelle, 3

This is the night, as Kurt Calleja would say, that the semi-final of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, the country’s national selection for Eurovision, will air. So of course we had to do some interviews with the contestants and we had a chat with one of the favourites, Christabelle, who competes with her song “Kingdom”. Will she turn Eurovision into her kingdom?

As the show is so close, we just had to ask her about her rehearsal: “I think the rehearsal was really great, the setting on stage is perfect and I always try to give more than 100% so I can’t wait for the live show! Specially the audience helps to make it fantastic!”

Some artists carry lucky charms with them on stage. Is Christabelle one of them?

“The only thing I carry with me is a picture of God,” says the singer. “But I think a vision of luck is better than any lucky charm so that’s why I don’t really believe in it!

“But obviously those three minutes, you have to make them your own. Always when I’m on stage I imagine myself. It could be my last performance and that I make the best out of it. That’s how I get my power to do all this on stage!”