The Wiwi Jury — our in-house panel of music unprofessionals — watched the performance of Egy Másik Zenekar (EMZ) and their song “Kéne Közös Kép” (“We need a shared vision”). Did we share in EMZ’s vision? Or were we on another wavelength? Read on to find out…

EMZ – “Kéne Közös Kép”


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“Kéne Közös Kép” reviews

Robyn: This sounds like a mid-table Albanian song, with the guitar solo removed and a cute girl singer in place of a gnarly middle-aged guy. The end result is a song that plods along and doesn’t offer anything interesting to the listener. Weirdly enough, adding an Albanian guitar solo would be a vast improvement.

Score: 3.5/10

Angus: This is unfortunately completely outclassed by the other songs. It sounds old-fashioned, lacks charm and is vocally limited. When a curtain dropping to the floor is the big crescendo moment you know something is going wrong.

Score: 2/10

Judit: “Kéne Közös Kép” is something that is really popular nowadays in Hungary. I had to listened to it more before I started my review, because for me it’s hard to say something about it. It’s on my playlist, but I would NOT send it to Stockholm. They will earn success from A Dal 2016, and I think it’s enough for them. Sorry EMZ, you’re cute and lovely, I like your staging and I can sing your song, but I can’t imagine them on the ESC stage.

Score: 4/10

Luis: There’s a lot of emotion here, but unfortunately, it’s not enough. EMZ’s singer has a beautiful voice, and it’s obvious that she believes in what she’s singing. Still, the whole act passes as bland when it’s trying to be delicate and minimalistic. The song itself lacks progression and using the theme of an insurance company’s advert as a bridge doesn’t help either.

Score: 5/10

Antranig: Some undeniably strong vocals here but the song doesn’t live up to them. The instrumental bridge is definitely the best part of the song and they nailed the performance but I’m more than a little surprised this qualified over the likes of Odett. This is neither good nor bad but I don’t see it going much further in A Dal.

Score: 6.5/10

Cristian: “Kéne közös kép” is the perfect example that sometimes less is more. This entry reminds me of “När jag blundar”, one of my favourite songs from the 2012 Eurovision. Simplicity meets emotion.

Score: 8/10

In the Hungarian Wiwi Jury we have 13 jurors, but only have room for 6 reviews. The remaining 8 scores are below!

Denise: 3/10

Sinan: 2/10

Edd: 5/10

Ramadan: 3/10

Patrick: 3/10

Dayana: 3.5/10

Mikhail: 5.5/10

To reduce potential bias, we drop the highest and lowest scores prior to calculating the average. We removed a low of 2 and a high of 8.