The semi-finals haven’t even started, but there is already drama in Moldova! Katherine and Litesound have withdrawn from the country’s national selection O melodie pentru Europa 2016. Broadcaster TRM broke the news on Monday. They have been replaced by Valentina Nejel, who the jurors ranked as next-in-line at the live auditions back in December.

Citing “personal reasons”, the Moldovan/Belarussian act has withdrawn their peace song “Imagine” from competition, despite the fact that it advanced to the semi-finals after the live auditions.

Our in-house jury largely panned the song in our unpublished review. One juror, who awarded it a 1.5, had this to say: “They have put in absolutely zero effort to give this song personality. Nothing in the production, lyrics or melody is interesting enough to stop me zoning out. With a hook of ‘Imagine that our love now now now now, enough to stop the war now now now now’ they failed to give the song meaning either.”

Lucky girl Valentina Nejel is due to replace them with her ballad “Va fi tarziu” (It will be late). We think it’s not too late for her to start rehearsals for the live shows, since the first semi-final will take place on 23 February.

Rumour has it that this is not going to be the only withdrawal in Moldova this year. According to a press report that is yet to be acknowledged by TRM, Elle are also likely to withdraw their song “Tare” from the semi-finals. What’s happening, Moldova?

What do you think about this change? Were you rooting for Katherine and Litesound?


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8 years ago

the replacer is verry well!

8 years ago

Haha always bringing Sasha to the table Robyn 😛

I liked their song, and since there aren’t many songs I like from this selection I must say I’m not happy… but not devastated either 😛

What would upset me is if Tare is withdrawn, I think is the best shot Moldova has to qualify this year :/

8 years ago

Andriy Samets, let’s see if she wins

Andriy Samets
8 years ago

According to unofficial information Litesound refused
because Lidia Isak bought victory in the national selection
and now useless to compete

Sarah Boucher
8 years ago
Antranig Shokayan
8 years ago

Not a fan of “Imagine” but I’ll be devastated if “Tare” is withdrawn!