In case it has not caught your attention, Iceland is celebrating a 30-year relationship with Eurovision this year. In honour of that, the one and only Paul Oscar has composed and released a new Eurovision anthem. The song is called “Vinnum þetta fyrirfram” or “We’ll win this in advance”, and is a lighthearted parody, describing the national feeling that grabs Iceland every year around Eurovision.

And 12 points from Iceland goes to... Iceland! Ah ha ha!
“And 12 points from Iceland goes to… Iceland!”

We Icelanders have indeed had our ups and downs at Eurovision through the years. (Okay, so maybe a tad more downs, but whatever.) Every year we still enter the contest with a childlike anticipation and a bulletproof certainty that this    is the year. We never give up and we’ll never surrender.

In honor of that, Paul Oscar decided to make an anthem for Icelandic Eurofans (and hopefully others) to enjoy, poke a little fun along the way, and subtly quoting old Eurovision songs, such as “Gleðibankinn”, “Nína” and his own “Minn hinsti dans” (My last dance).

The song also features in a promo for Söngvakeppnin 2016, with the first semi-final kicking off this Saturday. The promo sees a sequin-clad Paul and friends singing their way around Iceland, spreading the Eurovision love.

“Vinnum þetta fyrirfram” (“We’ll win this in advance”) lyrics – English translation

I’m in the Eurovision mood
There’s no one better than us
We go completely insane
Always reaching the sky
We’re just so damn good!
Participating is just a formality

We’ll win this in advance
Who needs luck?
Our only problem now:
Where can we host the contest?

We enter the stage
With a smile on our face
Suffering from that
Gleðibanki syndrome
So, go Iceland! Let’s party our butts off!
And we’ll win, we’ll win this in advance.

But what if
The song falls flat?
And all the votes
Go to the Eastern bloc?
Oh, whatever!

So what if the 16th place is ours.
Because we know for a fact
That we really are the best.
The best of the best of the best!

We’ll win this in advance
Even though everything else goes to hell
We put our all in this
And send our last dance

We love all our Ninas
And the high note in the middle
So, go Iceland! Let’s party our butts off!
And we’ll DESTROY this in advance



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6 years ago

I am deeply in love with Iceland!

But really, in case you win some day, is there any places around there you could host the whole event? I mean, I was in Harpa and it looks quite small despite its beauty.