Attention 2 may be a new group on the Finnish music scene, but they are ready to show us what they’ve got as part of Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2016. We recently spoke with the twins ahead of the second heat of Finland’s Eurovision selection and they proved to us they are indeed ready for the show.

Attention 2 (UMK 2016): interview

Anni and Nina have watched the Eurovision Song Contest with their families for years, but have always been under the age requirements. But with sweet 16 approaching, they contacted Henna Helasvuo and Lasse Turunen, who took part in UMK last year as Pihka ja myrsky. “Ready For The Show” was born — and rest is history!

Their song carries an important message: You have imperfections, but you shouldn’t let them hold you back. You need to be ready for anything that comes at you and remain confident in the face of hate and doubt. Tease them, make fun of them, call them what you will — these girls have a force field of positivity to send your words right back at ya!

Anni and Nina also tell us about their amazing music video. As huge comic book fans, the superhero theme came easily to them. Directors Jussi Turunen and Jerry Ylkänen worked their magic and you can see the result below. Pow! Bam! Slay!

Even though the girls look pretty much the same, they have distinct and recognizable voices — Nina’s is higher, Anni’s is a little deeper. “Anni is like Adele and Nina is like Mariah Carey” as they say, but claim they are “not that good”. But they are very good, as you can hear when they sing their song live for us — pitch-perfect!

The second semifinal is full of big names and Attention 2 face fan favourites Cristal Snow, Annica Milán & Kimmo Blom and Mikael Saari. Whatever happens, Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu is just the start for these little pop stars. They are already planning for their future, which will be full of music. We wish them the best — in the contest and after!


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6 years ago

Those girls are quite likable 🙂
Wish them the best.

Paul D
Paul D
6 years ago

I like this. A lot. But don’t know why lol