The Wiwi Jury — our in-house panel of music unprofessionals — is still in Hungary reviewing A Dal performances. Today we listened to Parno Graszt with their song “Már nem szédülök”. Were we eager to join them on the dance floor? Read on to find out…

Parno Graszt – “Már nem szédülök”


Watch the live performance at MTVA

“Már nem szédülök” reviews

Angus: More folk? So dissapointing. Afer the epic, all-conquering vocally dominant opening, all the potential is squandered by the jaunty guitars and excruciating toe-tapping that defines so many songs in this year’s A Dal. The emotional intensity feels sweet, but it could have been better channeled in a different vehicle.

Score: 1/10

Cristian: What an exquisite piece of folksy music! This genre drives me crazy and I find her voice delicious. Everything is perfect for me here: the changes of rhythm, the background, the dancers. I like how the Hungarian language sounds and even if I don’t understand why they start crying in the middle of the song, their emotion gets me. I thought that since they are a Gypsy music ensemble, the song is probably about the serious problem that Gypsies living in Hungary faced not too long ago.

Score: 10/10

Judit: Parno Graszt can be the dark horse at A Dal 2016. No one would bet on them but still the jury sent much love in their points, and the public like that kind of music. The message is very positive, they aren’t crying about what they don’t have, but they are happy because of the present. Every pub will love it, at least in Hungary.

Score: 6/10

Mikhail: At first I really liked this Hungarian chanson with the funny accordion, but then it became repetitive. I also started to feel like this is a song for singing totally drunk somewhere in the village, like the Russian “Oy Moroz, Moroz”. However, it’s still listenable.

Score: 4.5/10

Robyn: Parno Graszt sound like the kind of band you’d find playing at a wedding, keeping the music going into the night as drunken aunties drag anyone and everyone onto the dance floor. But that’s also their weakness. They have that rambling folk band feel, rather than the sort of focused act who can deliver a powerful three-minute Eurovision experience.

Score: 5/10

In the Hungarian jury we have 11 jurors but only room for five reviews. The remaining six scores are below!

Antranig: 4.5/10

Dayana: 5.5/10

Denise: 2/10

Luis: 5.5/10

Patrick: 8/10

Sinan: 5.5/10

To reduce potential bias, we drop the highest and lowest scores prior to calculating the average. We removed a low of 1 and a high of 10.

Wiwi Jury Average: 5.17/10



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8 years ago

What an unpleasant surprise. Waste of a perfectly good opening!