Kristel Lisberg is one of the hot favourites to win Denmark’s Melodi Grand Prix this weekend. We spoke with her ahead of the final and talked about the Faroe Islands’ possible Eurovision participation, her entry “Who Needs a Heart” and much more!

Kristel Lisberg – Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2016 (Interview)

Kristel Lisberg is one of the best known Faroese singers in Denmark at the moment, but she isn’t that positive about their possible Eurovision participation: “It would be really cool, but I think we are standing a little bit stronger with Denmark”. However she is really proud of representing the small islands in the big Dansk Melodi Grand Prix and possibly in Eurovision as well.

Kristel, who usually writes her own songs, is now singing a song by Swedish Sara Ljunggren and Jonas Gladnikoff. She tells us it wasn’t hard to relate to the song and she believes others can easily relate to the lyrics as well. “Who Needs a Heart” was among three songs offered to Kristel, but it was the only one that felt right. We hope she made the right choice!

She promises a beautiful, elegant and classic performance at the big final. She also gives us a small sample of her live vocals — and there’s no autotune needed!


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8 years ago

She’s so sweet and I love her entry <3