All 20 Campioni artists presented their entries on Sanremo 2016, it was time for our third event of the evening: cover night, where they all performed cover versions of an existing hit single. There were five groups with four artists each, which you can see below, and the winner from each group progressed to the final round.

After two rounds of voting, they have declared Stadio as the winner. They are currently competing with their entry “Un giorno mi dirai”, which was one of the top 6 on the first evening.

Sanremo 2016 Cover Night Results

Group winners are highlighted in bold. Songs by the original performer are indicated in brackets.

Group 1

Noemi – “Dedicato” (Loredana Bertè)
Dear Jack – “Un bacio a mezzanotte” (Quartetto Cetra)
Zero Assoluto – “Goldrake” (Actarus)
Deborah Iurato & Giovanni Caccamo – “Amore senza fine” (Pino Daniele)

Group 2

Patty Pravo & Fred De Palma – “Tutt’al più” (Patty Pravo)
Alessio Bernabei & Benji & Fede – “A mano a mano” (Riccardo Cocciante)
Dolcenera – “Amore disperato” (Nada)
Clementino – “Don Raffaè” (Fabrizio De Andrè)

Group 3

Elio e le Storie Tese – “Quinto ripensamento” (Walter Murphy)
Arisa – “Cuore” (Rita Pavone)
Rocco Hunt – “Tu vuò fà l’americano” (Renato Carosone)
Francesca Michielin – “Il mio canto libero” (Lucio Battisti)

Group 4

Neffa & the Bluebeaters – “‘O sarracino” (Renato Carosone)
Valerio Scanu – “Io vivrò (senza te)” (Lucio Battisti)
Irene Fornaciari – “Se perdo anche te” (Gianni Morandi)
Bluvertigo – “La lontananza” (Domenico Modugno)

Group 5

Lorenzo Fragola – “La donna cannone” (Francesco De Gregori)
Enrico Ruggeri – ” A’ canzuncella” (Alunni del Sole)
Annalisa – “America” (Gianna Nannini)
Stadio – “La sera dei miracoli” (Lucio Dalla)

Final Round

1st Stadio – “La sera dei miracoli” (Lucio Dalla)
2nd Valerio Scanu – “Io vivrò (senza te)” (Lucio Battisti)
3rd Clementino – “Don Raffaè” (Fabrizio De Andrè)
4th Noemi – “Dedicato” (Loredana Bertè)
5th Rocco Hunt – “Tu vuò fà l’americano” (Renato Carosone)

Things start to get serious on la quarta serata as all 20 Campioni artists perform their entries before the first elimination.


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4 years ago

Ct_greece :- I liked Annalisa’s song on the first listen but I had to listen to it a few times to really appreciate it. The Italian public will get to hear it twice more, the same as all the songs. I’m sure the real fans are all over the official videos by now and will know how they are going to vote. I think Annalisa would be the best option for the ESC, but for me Lorenzo has a slightly better song. I don’t think he commands the stage and again you need to listen to his song a few… Read more »

4 years ago

@ Eugene

I don’t know her, but from what I’ve seen in the various forums people were eager to support Annalisa herself before they even heard the song. And the song is very unlikeable in my opinion, but the same people keep trying to convince us otherwise because it’s harder to let go if you had already formed an opinion beforehand.

4 years ago

Patty Pravo or Annalisa for eurovision

4 years ago

I’d love to see Francesca Michelin In Stockholm. Francesca for me has the best song and she is the best performer.

4 years ago

Ct-greece :- Yes I am not surprised either, but I am more surprised that Annalisa is the second highest, people are buying it which is very good news for her. I don’t think it means very much as the iTunes charts change by the minute and it is easy to buy downloads just to distort the Sanremo picture of course. Also the Televote only represents 40% on Saturday which is more important If you look at YouTube views Rocco is streets ahead of the others!! Personally I don’t think there is ONE standout song; there are 5 or 6 really… Read more »

4 years ago

Alvaricomg :- Actually that is not an easy question to answer!! Even though the Sanremo is a song contest, for ESC purposes they are basically choosing an artist. It really is very complicated. This is how it goes for those that don’t know :- Night 1 – 1st 10 entries/songs and we find out who are the bottom 4. Night 2 – 2nd 10 entries/songs and we find out who are the bottom 4 Night 3 – Cover contest Night 4 – All 20 artists sing their song again, 4 are eliminated, 5 will go into a “Repechage” to select… Read more »

4 years ago

From day to day I hate Italy more and more. Also I think Italians hate themselves, because they organize this something.

4 years ago

i just Don´t understand this festival, when Do they CHOOSE their eurovision entry?

4 years ago

Stadio means stadium.

4 years ago

Thank you Eugene! I knew it would be Valerio. Now let’s hope that he wins and goes to Eurovision as well 🙂

4 years ago

These are the current iTunes chart positions in Italy of the 20 entries. It is very interesting, but may not necessarily have too much baring on who wins on Saturday of course :-

01 Valerio Scanu
04 Annalisa
05 Francesca Michielin
07 Patty Pravo
08 Lorenzo Fragola
12 Arisa
13 Alessio Bernabei
14 Noemi
15 Elio e le Storie Tese
16 Stadio
18 Clementino
19 Zero Assoluto
26 Rocco Hunt
29 Dolcenera
31 Giovanni Caccamo & Deborah Iurato
37 Enrico Ruggeri
41 Bluvertigo
43 Dear Jack
62 Neffa
67 Irene Fornaciari

4 years ago

Yay for valerio