Indrek Ventmann

The Estonian national selection for Eurovision, Eesti Laul 2016 begins tonight. Amongst the 20 acts competing in the show is Indrek Ventmann, who will be performing his song “Hispaania tüdruk” (Spanish girl). wiwiblogger Luis had a chat with the young singer, who’ll be bringing the tropical feel of the Canary Islands to Tallinn.

Indrek Ventmann – “Hispaania tüdruk”

As a Spaniard, the first questions has to be: why “Hispaania tüdruk”? Can you tell us the story behind the lyrics? 

It is a cool summer song. It got inspiration from Tenerife’s beautiful landscape, nice weather, ocean and all the other beautiful things here! As an Estonian, there is always a summer for us in Tenerife. A few weeks ago it was like 50º difference between Estonia and Tenerife.

You performed live there recently. How was the experience? 

Last spring I decided with my girlfriend to spend a long holiday in Tenerife. Allan Kasuk (author of “Hispaania tüdruk”) was also there with his family. Our purpose was to challenge ourselves and come out from the comfort zone to find some gigs in Tenerife.

First of all, it is very hard to find the places to perform, because so many restaurants, bars, lounges have had their own entertainer for 10 years and they don’t want to change it. Also here are so many musicians and most of them do their Tina Turner, Elvis Presley shows, so it is a little bit hard to compete with these kinds of artists. But we have found several places to play and gigs are going great. People are really friendly here. Always clapping and after the performances wishing all the best, saying “You have a great future ahead“.

indrek ventmann
Indrek in Tenerife #subliminaltourismpromo

Do you visit Spain habitually? 

No, I live in Estonia, but Spain is a really beautiful country to visit. I really like the Canary Islands and the fact I can always swim in the ocean

Who is the girl who sings with you? Is she the “Hispaania tüdruk” you refer to?

Her name is Kaia Oidekivi, very talented young singer! She came to the island few weeks ago to rehearse with us and film a video for “Hispaania tüdruk“.

Kaia Oideviki – “Jackpot”

Watching a bit about you in Youtube, you have been singing for more than five years. When and why did you start singing? Has it been something you’ve been doing all your life or did it just pop up one day?

I started singing when I was in high school and that lead to participating in the musicals Evita and Grease. Actually I am also a student, studying pharmacy in University of Tartu, but singing has been my number one hobby.

Why did you decide to participate in Eesti Laul this year?

This idea came in Tenerife, where Allan got the inspiration to write and record this song and decided to submit the “Hispaania tüdruk” to Eesti Laul 2016.

Have you tried before?

No, I haven’t. But I have been watching Eesti Laul and every year there are so many newcomers. I think Eesti Laul is a great way to present yourself.

“Hispaania tüdruk” live

You’ve covered Ed Sheeran and John Mayer. If you had to sing a song with an international star, would one of them be your choice? If not, who would be?

Yes, they are both very talented guys! I like the way they perform. So it would be a great honour to sing with them.

Which artists have influenced you in your career?

It is hard to pick particular artists. I think my biggest influence have been my first music teacher, where I started to sing. Also the experience that I got from the musicals Evita and Grease. Very inspiring and hardworking collective!

The other original song you have in your YouTube channel, “Läheb lahti”, is very different to “Hispaania tüdruk”, as it’s quite pop-rock. In which genre do you feel more comfortable?

I am capable to sing in both genres. I do not want to limit myself. It is always important to try, listen new things.

“Läheb lahti” was released just one day before the allowing period for Eurovision 2016. Did you consider sending it to Eesti Laul too?

No, that song was made for the Estonian Sport Song Contest, where it won first prize. Wohooo!

Indrek Ventmann – “Läheb Lahti”

How are you preparing for the semi-finals of Eesti Laul? Have you listened to some of your rivals’ songs?

Right now I am swimming in the ocean and taking the most of Tenerife. But I am also rehearsing and sorting things out about the performance. I have listened all the songs and I think that other participants are really good!

Can you tell us a bit about your performance?

We had many ideas and some of them were really crazy. Finally we chose the most simple one, but it suits the best for this song. How exactly will it look? You can check it out on the 13th of February!

And the final question. If you go on to represent Estonia in Stockholm, would you expect the 12 points from Spain?  

Absolutely 😀

Finally, can you send a message to all your fans here at wiwibloggs?

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Indrek will be competing in the first semifinal of Eesti Laul this Saturday. You can follow him on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.