We’re not quite at Super Saturday yet, but tonight’s Eurovision schedule is no doubt going to cause strain on internet connections across the continent. A whooping ten shows will take place throughout the evening, with Denmark and Switzerland set to choose their entry for Stockholm, whilst we will have a representative chosen in Italy via Sanremo.

Ukraine, Hungary, Finland, Lithuania, Sweden and Iceland all continue their selection process for another week, whilst a favourite of many, Estonia’s Eesti Laul, kicks back into action. To help you keep track of who sings when and in what country, we’ve prepared this schedule, along with links to all the national final live streams.

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UKRAINE: National Selection Semi-Final 2 (18:00 CET)


Ukraine kicked off their selection process in big fashion last week with Jamala’s “1944” easily winning the first semi final and establishing itself as the song to beat. Can any of the acts from this week make quite as big an impact? Some of the acts performing include established favourites such as NuAngels and former JESC runner-up, Viktoria Petryk. Also performing will be our Spanish sweetheart, Barei! You can watch the Ukrainian selection from 18H00 CET.

Live Stream: NTU LiveSTB Live and YouTube Live

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HUNGARY: A DAL 2016 Semi Final One (19:40 CET)


A Dal has made it to the semi final stage now, with ten acts fighting it out for just four places in the final. As per usual, the jury will be deciding the majority of those finalists, as they will choose three acts whilst the public can save one more. Juries favourite Petruska takes part tonight, along with our current poll winner the Kallay Saunders Band. You can watch it live from 19:40 CET. Ahead of that you can listen to all of the songs here.

Live Stream: MTVA Live

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FINLAND: UMK 2016 Semi-Final Two (20:00 CET)


To the surprise of no-one, Sara Aalto easily qualified from last week’s first semi final of UMK 2016. This week looks a little bit trickier to predict it seems, with our Wiwi Jury only really loving Annica Milán & Kimmo Blom, our current overall leaders of the UMK Jury. See whether you agree with them from 20:00 CET.

Live Stream: Yle Live

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Denmark: Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2016 Final (20:00 CET)

DMGP horsens 2016

Denmark’s Dansk Melodi Grand Prix has often given us some real highlights of the national final season, and this year looks set to be a close fight. We’ve already had drama thanks to Anja Nissen’s “Never Alone” and its past as a Emmelie de Forrest song, but an interesting twist followed last night’s rehearsal when Lighthouse X seemed to take a commanding lead with the audience poll. Our own Deban gave his thoughts on what he saw, but you and Denmark can decide for sure when the show kicks off at 20:00 CET

Live Stream: DR Live

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LITHUANIA: Eurovizijos 2016 Show Six (20:00 CET)


The marathon continues in Lithuania for another week, with the sixth show of Eurovizijos Atranka 2016. Take some positives though, with only eight songs set to compete this week, two of which are the big favourites: Donny Montell’s “I’ve Been Waiting for this Night” and Ruta Sciogolevaite’s “United”. The last time the two faced off in Show Four, it was nearly a dead heat with Donny just winning on a tiebreak. Will it be different this week? If you’re brave enough to find out, the show starts at 20:00 CET

Live Stream: LRT Live

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SWEDEN: Melodifestivalen 2016 Semi-Final Two (20:00 CET)

Melodifestivalen 2016 Trailer

Meloldifestivalen rolls on for another week and thankfully, it looks like we’re definitely going to have seven acts performing this week. Of course, that doesn’t mean that a host couldn’t be disqualified, with Gina Dirawi going it alone after Charlotte Perrelli was forced to pull out. Charlotte will be performing tonight though (but out of competition), making it a girl heavy semi final. Your pre-show excitement was for Krista Siegfrids, but she has stern competition from the likes of Isa, Molly Pettersson-Hammar and newcomer Wiktoria. Make sure to check out all our interviews on the ground to find out more, before the show starts at 20:00 CET

Live Stream: SVT Live

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SWITZERLAND: Die Entscheidungsshow 2016 Final (20:10 CET)

Eurovision 2016 Switzerland Expert Check Poll

For all that we complain about Lithuania’s Eurovision procedure, bear in mind that Switzerland have been looking for their act since September last year. Still, only six acts have made it to the final of the contest, each of whom will perform their track plus a cover song – just to lengthen proceedings that little bit more. The hot favourite is Swiss-Canadian singer Rykka, who will be hoping that the Swiss public remember that they tend to do well with Canadian singers at Eurovision.

Live Stream: SRF Live

ITALY: Sanremo 2016 Final (20:35 CET)

sanremo 2016

Hardly a “normal” national final of any sort and more a grand stage of its own: Italy’s Sanremo, nevertheless, will see its winner heading off to Eurovision 2016. Whilst Il Volo went on to perform their winning song “Grande Amore” in Vienna, there’s no guarantee whoever wins this year will choose to do the same. Y’all picked Annalisa as your favourite before the contest began and she qualified for the final alongside the other favourite, Arisa, following the past week of performances. Get ready for a very, very long night of Italian “punctuality”, starting at 20:35 CET

Live Stream: RAI Uno Live

ESTONIA: Eesti Laul 2016 Semi Final One (20:35 CET)

eesti_laul_16 620x330

It’s a welcome return for Eesti Laul, as the Estonian selection once again gets underway. A perennial favourite for the strong quality of the songs that take part, the Wiwi Jury have already been hard at work looking at all the songs taking part. Laura’s “Supersonic” is our favourite, but the likes of Würffel are up there too. The show kicks off tonight at 20:35 CET

Live Stream: ETV Live

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ICELAND: Songvakeppnin 2016 Semi-Final One (21:00 CET)


There was no big surprise in Songvakeppnin last week, with Greta Salome one of the three acts to qualify after a stunning performance of her song “Raddirnar”. Much like in the Ukraine, many people on social media seem to have called the selection process in her favour already, but could any of the six acts tonight make them change their minds? The show is live from 21:00 CET

Live Stream: RÚV Live

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Which national selections are you most excited about? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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Ukrainian Broadcaster Youtube live stream UA:Pershyi – here you can watch the show (scroll back, as it’s over) and results in 1 hour 10.30pm by Kyiv time (+2GMT)

also with the results there will be a guest song from Barei (I hope I spelled it correctly)

Nyusha bae
Nyusha bae

Guys who know the youtube link of Ukraine’s NF?


10 selections in one day…

If you’re not religious, you will be…

A devout video watcher. Praise be to YouTube and Dailymotion!


Last year I was lucky to have a laptop where I put all livestreams on splitscreen. This year I only have a phone. So basically, I will first watch Ukraine, then Denmark (sad I will miss UMK, but I will watch the performances back) and then Iceland. Sunday I have a lot to see.


Best of Canadian luck to Rykka in Switzerland today, I hope she wins!


Barei is filling the Ivan slot in Kiev? Yasssssss.

I’ll stick to Ukraine and Denmark I think. Don’t need too much of a good thing.

Tommy V
Tommy V

My 2 favourite songs so far are on tonight, really hoping:
1) Simone wins for Denmark <3
2) Laura – Supersonic goes to the final of Estonia's Eesti Laul

And also love Rykka, hope she wins in Switzerland!


Luckily most have catch-up options 🙂


Mega indeed…………………will have to make choices.

Nicky Byrne also make his first live performance tonight for Ireland.