Tonight, the Finnish public will decide which three songs from the second semi-final will qualify for the final of UMK 2016, the country’s Eurovision selection. Even though most of you aren’t in Finland this evening, you still had a chance to share your opinion when we asked you who should qualify from the second heat. Now it’s time to go through the results.

After a very close vote, Mikael Saari is the act you want to win the second heat of UMK 2016. Mikael finished second in Finland’s national selection back in 2013 and now he’s ready to grab the gold medal. His song “On It Goes” picked up got 24.23% of all votes cast.

Mikael Saari “On It Goes”

Missing out on the top spot by just two votes, it’s Annica Milán & Kimmo Blom. The pair are also the Wiwi Jury’s favourites from tonight’s semifinal. Their song “Good Enough” received 24.08% of all the votes cast.

The last song which our readers think should qualify comes from Ylona. She might be a new star on the Finnish music scene, but she already has a legion of fans supporting her. “Blazing Fire” picked up 19.77% of all the votes cast.

YLONA “Blazing Fire”

Based on the poll, Rafaela Truda, Cristal Snow and Attention 2 would have to say good bye to their Eurovision dreams — for now anyway.

Who should qualify from the second UMK semi-final? (Poll results)

1. Mikael Saari – “On it Goes” 24.23% (315 votes)
2. Annica Milán & Kimmo Blom – “Good Enough” 24.08% (313 votes)
3. Ylona – “Blazing Fire” 19.77% (257 votes)
4. Rafaela Truda – “Rise Up” 15.38% (200 votes)
5. Cristal Snow – “Love is Blind” 10.31% (134 votes)
6. Attention 2 – “Ready for the Show” 6.23% (81 votes)

Total Votes: 1,300


Photo: Kukka Mäenpää

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8 years ago

IMO based on songs and videos:

1. Good Enough / On It Goes
3. Love Is Blind
4. Blazing Fire
5. Rise Up
6. Ready For the Show

Based on live performances tonight:

1. On It Goes
2. Rise Up
3. Good Enough
4. Love is Blind
5. Blazing Fire
6. Ready For the Show

8 years ago

From the end of the last performance on, semi was impossible to watch online with connection crashing every 5 seconds.

Eurovision & Disney
Eurovision & Disney
8 years ago


MrJoggy (BEL)
MrJoggy (BEL)
8 years ago

Cool ! My two favourites in the lead !