We’re back for another week of Latvia’s Supernova 2016, with the show’s second heat set to take place live tonight. This week, we have another big name returnee in the form of Markus Riva, as well as the second song from Samanta Tina. But the question is, can any of the songs performed this evening manage to rise up and challenge the hot favourite from last week, Justs?

Fans certainly seem to be banking on Samanta Tina’s “The Love is Forever”. It’s getting a much better reception than her first effort. Of course, Ms. Tina’s return to the Latvian selection was dampened during heat one when she failed to get one of the top two public vote spots. However, the jury seemed willing to save “We Live for Love”…only to then tell her that because she was entering this week, she would have a “second chance” anyway.

The Wiwi Jury rankings (which you can see in full below) placed Markus Riva in top spot for this heat. “I Can” follows on very much in the same vein from his 2015 entry, “Take Me Down”. Dziesma 2014 candidates MyRadiantU are also returning, with “We Will Be Stars” also proving popular with our Jury.

Here’s the full lineup for the second heat. Once again, only four of the acts will make it through: two will qualify through public SMS + online voting, whilst two more will be saved by the judges. You can also see where each of the songs finished with our Wiwi Jury below too:

Supernova 2016: Heat Two Lineup

  1. Madara Gregere – “You and I” (Wiwi Jury: 5th, 4.73)
  2. Crow Mother – “Demons” (Wiwi Jury: 9th, 4.07)
  3. Samanta Tina – “The Love is Forever” (Wiwi Jury: 6th, 4.7)
  4. Markus Riva – “I Can” (Wiwi Jury: 1st, 7.23)
  5. MyRadiantU – “We Will Be Stars” (Wiwi Jury: 2nd, 6.8)
  6. Martins Ruskis – “Still Holding Stars” (Wiwi Jury: 10th, 2.17)
  7. Dvines – “Set It on Fire” (Wiwi Jury: 3rd, 5.37)
  8. Marta Ritova – “Not From This World” (Wiwi Jury: 8th, 4.47)
  9. Miks Dukurs – “Paradise” (Wiwi Jury: 4th, 5.13)
  10. Iluta Alsberga – “On Hold” (Wiwi Jury: 7th, 4.68)

You can read our reviews of all the Supernova songs.

You can watch Supernova (in HD!) on LTV’s website, and don’t forget that the online voting is open to international viewers too. Simply go to the Supernova portal once voting opens and log in with a social media account. Oh, and of course we will once again be treated to the Riga Beaver; after his special performances of 2015 songs last week, we’re eager to see what he pulls out for us this time!

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8 years ago

Riga Beaver is in the house!!!

Paul D
Paul D
8 years ago

Rai has confirmed: Francesca to Stockholm !