We are halfway through the semifinals of Melodifestivalen 2016 and today we will hear the first clips of the songs competing in the third semifinal. Earlier this week we asked you which semifinal three act you are most excited for. After counting 746 votes, it’s time to go through the results before we hear the first rehearsal snippets this afternoon.

Following Ace Wilder and Krista Siegfrids over the past two weeks, Melodifestivalen returnee Oscar Zia has topped the poll this week with 37% of the votes. Oscar will sing “Human” — his first-ever self-penned song. We spoke with him earlier this week and you can watch our interview below.

Oscar Zia (Melodifestivalen 2016) – Interview

In second place is Swedish Idol winner Lisa Ajax. Just 17 years old, Lisa will sing the tragically named song “My Heart Wants Me Dead“. She earned 27.88% of all the votes.

Melodifestivalen debutant SaRaha got 11.39% to finish in third place. SaRaha has a team with a lot of experience behind her, as her song is written by Melodifestivalen veteran Anderz Wrethov and Arash Labaf, who represented Azerbaijan in Eurovision 2009.

Finishing fourth is drag act After Dark, who are making their third appearance. After Dark will be name-dropping celebrities from Madonna to Lady Gaga in their song, but will we see a drag queen version of them on the stage as well? We hope so! After Dark received 8.85% of the votes in our poll.

This means that Swingfly feat. Helena Gutarra, SMILO and Boris Réne finished in the last three places. They have a lot to prove, but anything can happen!

Which Semi-Final 3 act are you most excited for? (Results)

Total Votes: 746

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Photo: Per Kristiansen

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Bogdan Honciuc
8 years ago

“Can he deliver?” YES HE CAN

badum tss

8 years ago

It does not make any sense for me to ask people what acts one is more excited for is this is SONG contest and at this stage we don’t know the songs yet … a popularity contest? Pointless.