The band Põhja-Tallinn will perform “Eiolemulolla” in the second semi-final of Eesti Laul 2016 — Estonia’s national selection for Eurovision. wiwiblogger George had a chat with these guys a short time ago and they are so ready to flaunt their Estonian pride at ESC! You can read the highlights of their chat below..

How did you guys feel when you found out you made it to Eesti Laul this year?

We felt so great about it! This year is our second time competing in Eesti Laul

What made you decide to enter Eesti Laul for the second time?

We felt like we had a song in our hands that had the potential to appeal to the masses. All in all, we were pretty satisfied with how the song turned out, so we decided to enter it!

Eurovision fans outside of Estonia may not know you. Could you tell us a few things about yourselves?

We call ourselves a seven-piece outfit. We like to think of ourselves as genre-defying, but if I could sum up our brand of music, we’d call it “rap-n-roll.” In addition to three rappers and a female vocalist, we have a backing band of three musicians.

Your “rap-n-roll” style is quite different from the other acts in Eesti Laul this year. Do you think it will give you an edge over the other songs?

Definitely not. The format of Eesti Laul is and has always been a melting pot, with 2016 being no exception.

What is the message behind your song “Eiolemulolla”?

The song tells the tail of our lovely little country of Estonia. We have a love-hate relationship with our country, but what matters is that we all call it home.

Have you planned the staging for your entry yet?

We can’t give anything away yet! You’ll have to wait and see.

Both Tanja and Stig Rästa, who have participated at Eurovision in the past, have composed songs for this year’s Eesti Laul. Do you believe they pose a threat to you?

Of course! They’re established artists and Stig even came 7th last year. He’s definitely a strong favourite this year. However, we do take everyone seriously.

Are you guys fans of the Eurovision Song Contest?

Well, I can’t say we’re fans per se. It’s still a huge event and the Estonian media covers pretty much every detail of it, so unless you live under a rock you do pick up bits and pieces as the Eurovision-frenzy unfolds every year.

Have you had a chance to listen to any other songs in Eesti Laul this year?

Unfortunately I haven’t heard a lot of them. But Jüri Pootsmann and Cartoon both have very strong songs this year. 

Do you have a favourite Eurovision winner?

Easy! Tanel Padar & Dave Benton. I think the year was 2001?

Lastly, do you have a message for your fans at

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6 years ago

It makes me so sad they didn’t qualify, they were my favourites, It’s so sad that we barely send songs sung in estonian anymore 🙁