We caught up with Doinita Gherman — frontrunner at O melodie pentru Europa 2016 with her song “Irresistible” — while she was taking a break from rehearsals. She was preparing her performance for the first semi-final of Moldova and, as always, she was full of energy and highly talkative, despite the late hour of the evening.

Hi Doinita! Congratulations for reaching the semi-finals of O melodie pentru Europa 2016. How are you feeling? How are the rehearsals going?

Hi, thank you so much! By the way, thank you for ranking my song so highly in your Wiwi Jury! I was surprised and honoured when I was told about it. I feel fabulous, although I am ridiculously busy. Rehearsals are going great, right now we are now adding some final touches to the background visuals. I hope that the show is going to be, well, irresistible!

Speaking of “Irresistible”, your song is amazing — our jurors agreed upon that indeed. How did it come to be?

Initially I didn’t want to participate this year, I wanted to take a break after I finished in tenth place last year. But then [songwriters] Ylva and Linda Persson sent me “Irresistible” out of the blue and I couldn’t say no. This song has everything I like: energy, national vibe, infectious pop music, as well as a soul.

You’re opening the first semi-final. Are you worried or relieved to get it over with so quickly?

Honestly I don’t really care, but I feel a little bit better when I perform among the first five acts, because otherwise I get impatient and anxious. I prefer to get bored in the green room afterwards.

You’ve tried everything: Romanian language, English language, pop, traditional Moldovan sounds, a Latin tempo last year. In 2014, when you sang “Energy”, a jury member complained that the song wasn’t in Romanian. When it was in Romanian last year, after the semi-final another juror suggested it should have been in English. You snapped at him and had an argument on stage, live on TV. In the national final, he awarded you zero points. Do you think your outspoken nature hurts you or are you proud of being so honest?

I think it’s ridiculous to be admonished for singing in a certain language, when we sent “Lautar” one year and “O mie” the next, both great songs with great results. The rules of the contest say that I can sing in any language I choose. I don’t know if my being argumentative hurts my chances, but I am certainly not ashamed to stand my ground.

Everyone knows that you love your mother tongue and country. Yet you’re participating with a Swedish song with English lyrics this year.

Actually, because the song is written by a Swedish team and has Moldovan influences throughout but especially at the bridge, I consider it to be the child of two nations – and the fact that this year the contest is held in Sweden is a nice touch. Yes, it’s in English, but it has a wider appeal this way – and I loved the lyrics written by Ylva And Linda Persson. Thank you again, girls!

Were they the only ones involved in the production? The song sounds heavily Moldovan in parts. What about the show, do they advise you about it, too?

I am very grateful that they gave my team their full support and allowed us to infuse the song with the unique Moldovan sound. In fact, Ylva And Linda were the ones who first suggested that. Catalin Gondiu co-produced the song and Valentin Boghean added his flute. In the end, “Irresistible” is a track that we are all very proud of. By the way, the Persson sisters are also invovled in the show, but we want to keep it all a secret. However, knowing me, you know it’s going to be full of colour and energy.


This year is your eighth attempt to win the Eurovision ticket. How would you feel if you finally got the chance to represent Moldova? 

Of course I would be very thankful for the opportunity, honoured and proud! But more than that I would take the responsibility of representing my beautiful country very seriously. I would give one thousand percent to make my fellow Moldovans proud as well.

Dear Doinita, we hope that you will win and do just that. Thank you for taking the time to talk to us and best of luck! Do you have a message for your fans on wiwibloggs?

Doinita Gherman will be first on stage at the first semi-final of O melodie pentru Europa 2016, on 23 February, where eight acts will advance to the national final on 27 February, joining eight more acts from the second semi-final on 25 February.

What are your thoughts about “Irresistible” and Doinita’s chances to get the ticket to Eurovision this year? Sound off below!


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8 years ago

Irresistible is simply THE BEST in Moldova this year!!! This must win! Go Doinita!! <3

8 years ago

Lame and average … where is the soul in it? And who actually thinks she can has a good voice? Or is everybody just seeking for a desperate entertaining piece of uptempo number as always? I guess this Ylva and Linda are the new Kempe and G:son of the moment. And not in a good way.