Germany’s national final show is happening on Thursday. Earlier today, the Wiwi Jury — our in-house panel of music unprofessionals — gathered in Bremen to discuss the contestants participating in Unser Lied für Stockholm, Germany’s national selection for Eurovision 2016Today we look at Laura Pinski, who will sing “Under the Sun We Are One”. Want to see the jury verdict? Read on!

Laura Pinski – “Under the Sun We Are One”

“Under the Sun We Are One” reviews

Luis: I blame Polina. How many more decaffeinated and pretentious peace and unity songs like this will we have to suffer through this year? Laura’s anthem leaves me totally cold. And if a song that wants to be touching leaves you indifferent, there’s nothing else to say.

Score: 2/10

Rick: Of course you can hear that this is written by Ralph Siegel and I immediately had San Marino’s last attempts in mind when I first heard this song. But in general it’s better than many thought it will be, and I can say it’s not that bad. But “not that bad” still just isn’t good enough. The sound is not modern or catchy at all and I think it doesn’t give you that much. It’s not a mess but it’s a bit boring and outdated.

Score: 4/10

Robyn: 37 years after the madness of “Dschinghis Khan”, the Siegel/Meinunger power songwriting team brings us a sweet peace ballad. It doesn’t have the drama and intensity of “A Million Voices”, but it’s easily the best dramatic peace ballad in the 2016 national final season. Germany has a better peace song with the folky “Nur ein Lied”, but you know what? “Under the Sun We Are One” is ok.

Score: 5.5/10

Kristin: What… on…. earth… was… THAT? Oh, I know. A lame rip-off! I wasn’t a fan of “A Million Voices” and I’m certainly not buying this. I’m all up for world peace and unity of mankind, but puuhlease give me a break! Siegel/Meinunger, you guys need to step up your game. And as for Laura, come back when you have some sass.

Score:  3/10

Deban: If you zapped out the Latin undertones from Gloria Estefan’s voice, she would sound like Laura Pinski. More to the point, Ms Pinski lacks sizzle and spice. She is belting an anthem here, but it reads like a lame observation. This isn’t how you slay!

Score: 2.5/10

Mikhail: At the very first second I felt like there is something wrong. I can’t help but thinking that she is some obsessed fanatic and she is bringing me the word of God. Go away! Don’t make me scared. I love Satan, I will sell my soul to devil, just not to see you in front of my door. The song is also pushing its message on me when I listen to it. I don’t like this feeling.

Score: 4/10

Antranig: Here we have a song that is powerful but it’s something I’d expect from Eastern Europe. For Germany, this feels a little out of place. Having said that, I love Laura’s voice and the song matches the singer very well. One of the best songs in Germany but I don’t think it would do well at Eurovision.

Score: 7.5/10

George: Really now, what’s that? Polina is that you? Oh no it isn’t — it’s just a girl that tries to copy you. And she obviously fails! I really don’t have much to say here — just another average song in an average national final. This needs to stop, Germany.

Score: 3/10

In the German Wiwi Jury we have 14 jurors but only have room for eight reviews. The remaining 6 scores are below.

Bernardo: 3.5/10

Edd: 6.5/10

Dayana: 3/10 

Patrick: 3/10

Bogdan: 2/10

Josh: 3/10

The highest and lowest scores are dropped prior to calculating the average score. This is to remove outliers and reduce potential bias. We have removed a low of 2 and a high of 7.5.

Wiwi Jury Score: 3.58/10



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Paul D
Paul D
8 years ago

It’s awful. Ralph Siegel, what else…

8 years ago

Where is the poll? Want to vote for Avantasia!