One of the most talked-about acts debuting in Melodifestivalen this year is four-piece rock band Eclipse. During their long and storied history, members have come and gone, but this weekend Magnus Ulfstedt (bass), Robin Bäck (drums), Magnus Henriksson (lead guitar) and Erik Mårtensson (vocals & guitar) hope to prove the group is here to stay. We had a little chat with Magnus U ahead of Semi-Final 4 in Gävle.

How did you guys meet?

Me and Magnus H grew up in the same hoods, so we’ve known each other for 20+ years. Magnus H met Erik at a music school in Stockholm in the late 90’s, and Eclipse was formed.

Studiofotografering november 2015

How did you come up with the name ‘Eclipse’?

Our first record company came up with it. It was the best suggestion they had, and we had none.

What are your various roles within the group?

Erik’s the songwriter, producer and music coordinator. Magnus H is involved in the songwriting and adds his monster guitar riffs. Philip’s the new guy and he’s got a lot of connections with the music industry. I’m the organizer. I also work with visual ideas, like merchandise and our live show. We’re all very creative in what we do. We all got a good sence of humor. It’s important when you’re in a band.

You’re a rockband. Is your life all about rock ‘n roll?

It is! We love rock ‘n’ roll. We grew up listening to all the classic bands from the 70’s and 80’s. But we don’t live the typical rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. Keeping a band going is a lot of work. You can’t have a party while working. We’re against drugs and some of us got kids. But a beer or two on special occasions is not wrong.

Eclipse Melodifestivalen

This will be your first time in Melodifestivalen. Scary or exciting?

Exciting! This is the natural next step for Eclipse. 

You’ve been placed in the fourth semi final alongside experienced Melodifestivalen acts such as Molly Sanden, Linda Bengtzing and Dolly Style. Do you sense any pressure or intimidation going up against these acts?

Not at all. We’re a very confident unit. We strongly believe in what we do.


Your song is all about the message. Can you tell us about that message?

The song is about reaching goals. But when you get there it’s not enough, so you head for a new goal. Always a Runaway.

Eurovision will have multiple rock bands competing this year. What is your secret to stand out?

We don’t have a masterplan. But we believe in our song and Eclipse. Apart from that we’re gonna hit the stage and do what we do best, to ROCK!

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8 years ago

far too little rock in mf / esc”! great song. we need more rock

8 years ago

wooow! Breathtaking song! Love her mature music!

8 years ago

Hello¡¡ toda y at 18:30 in periscope,O do a video.In the video I speak of the songs